Hellblade 2’s Ninja Theory Gives 1 Tip Everyone Should Follow if They Want to Enjoy the Game Properly

Don't sleep on this tip if you want to get the most out ouf the game.

hellblade 2


  • Hellblade 2 is an upcoming Xbox and PC exclusive which is being developed by Ninja Theory.
  • While the marketing for the game hasn't been very intense, recently, the Ninja Theory's X account posted a tip which will ensure a better experience for the players.
  • Combining the information in the post with other revelations which have been made about the game in the past, it might be one of the most immersive games of 2024.
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Hellblade 2, will likely be a marquee release for Microsoft’s Gaming Ecosystem. Being one of the most anticipated exclusives and a day-one release for Xbox Game Pass, it can tip things slightly in Xbox’s favor and give the gaming company a long-awaited win.


Ninja Theory, the game’s developer studio, shared much about their creative process after the announcement, which was fascinating. Now, the studio has come forward to share a tip that gamers should consider for an even better experience with the game.

Hellblade 2’s Audio Director Tip Will Ensure an Incredibly Immersive Experience for Gamers

If you plan on playing Hellblade 2, use headphones.
If you plan on playing Hellblade 2, use headphones.

Hellblade 2 will continue things from the point where its predecessor ended them. The first title in the series had a rich narrative, audio design, and visual fidelity, which added to its enchanting prowess as a single-player title.


This time around, too, Ninja Theory seems to be going a similar but a much grander route for their title. The studio wants to ensure that every second one spends in the game feels immersive and gripping. Owing to this, the game’s Audio Director, David Garcia Diaz, had a message for players looking forward to the game releasing on May 21, 2024.

One can find the message by Diaz below:

As demonstrated by Diaz vividly in the video above, the immersion that a pair of headphones will help achieve will be second to none. He also states that any headphones will do, but they will work much better than any other audio output layout for the title.


This is because the title’s audio design extensively uses binaural microphones, making for an incredibly immersive spatial audio experience. Since the game’s trailers and reveals have showcased a fantastic soundtrack and pinpoint sound effects mixed with phenomenal voice acting, Diaz’s advice holds even more value.

Hellblade 2 Might Be Aiming for a Different Level of Cinematic Immersion Altogether

Hellblade 2's animations look photorealistic.
Hellblade 2‘s animations look photorealistic.

While marketing for Hellblade 2 hasn’t been intense, some community members argued that there was little to no marketing for the game, and some of the reveals for the game have been spectacular. The studio even revealed that one particular sequence in the game took 75 days of motion capture to make it as authentic and unadulterated as possible.

And the animations in the game, at least if clips shared for the game so far, are to be believed. The sequence referenced above, which took almost 75 days to execute, was also inspired by one of the most iconic scenes from the hit TV Series Game of Thrones.


Apart from the visual and audio effects, the team behind the title has revealed that the combat in the game has been substantially improved compared to the previous title in the series. The sequence mentioned above, which was

The game is also being developed in the state-of-the-art Unreal Engine 5, meaning it will be a visual delight. Overall, it might be what Xbox needs to get its first win in a long time. What do you think of Hellblade 2? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments section below!


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