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Hellboy Reboot in the Works With Ghost Rider 2 Director Attached After David Harbour’s Disastrous $55M Flop

Hellboy Reboot in the Works With Ghost Rider 2 Director Attached After David Harbour’s Disastrous $55M Flop

Despite a disastrous remake starring David Harbour in 2019, Hellboy is getting another opportunity to redeem itself: a new live-action picture based on the demonic superhero is already in the works at Millennium Media, with Brian Taylor assigned to helm. The revamp is claimed to be well underway, with production slated to begin in Bulgaria in April.

Millennium’s new Hellboy is believed to be a reboot, which means a new actor will play the eponymous hero. According to sources, the film is now being titled Hellboy: The Crooked Man, implying that the narrative may be based on the three-issue miniseries of the same name, however, there is no confirmation of this.

With only two months till filming, further information on the cast and other specifics should be available shortly as the film’s cast is finalized. Hellboy isn’t the only franchise Millennium is resurrecting right now; it’s also working on a remake of Red Sonja, which is being shot in the same area as Hellboy.

David Harbour is dropped from the Hellboy Reboot


A new Hellboy film is in the works, according to Discussing Film. Brian Taylor, one-half of the Neveldine/Taylor partnership responsible for the Crank films, has been hired as director.

Taylor has experience producing comic book properties, having co-written the script for Jonah Hex in 2010. Most significantly, Brian Taylor collaborated with fellow filmmaker Mark Neveldine on Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the 2011 sequel to Sony’s original picture, in which Nicolas Cage reprised his role as the eponymous Rider.

The two long-time friends, credited as Neveldine/Taylor, first appeared on the scene in the early 2000s with the Jason Statham action thriller Crank, establishing that their high-adrenaline filmmaking style was one-of-a-kind. The team went on to direct and write the wild sequel Crank: High Voltage, as well as the 2009 film Gamer, starring Gerald Butler.

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stranger things 2000
David Harbour in Stranger Things

David Harbour, who starred in Hellboy 2019, is being dropped from the project after a huge flop of $55 Million on his hands. It could also be due to his busy schedule as he is shooting for Stranger Things next season. However, the actor is more than willing to return as Hellboy but it seems after the failure in 2019 the team has decided to cast a new Hellboy.

Hellboy writing credits will go to the original writers

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Hellboy Comics

The new Hellboy relaunch will be written by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and horror/fantasy novelist Christopher Golden. Nevertheless, it is uncertain if any of them contributed to the screenplay or received credit for previous work on the character.

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Golden is well-known for writing three canon Hellboy books with Mignola’s blessing. Readers should be aware that Mignola and Golden produced another Dark Horse comics series called Baltimore, which is part of their shared horror realm known as the Outerverse. Golden is also said to have done some uncredited rewrites for the 2019 revival.

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The other details like cast, plot, and release date have not been out yet. Fans are eagerly waiting for more details from the Hellboy team.

Source: DiscussingFilm

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