Helldivers 2 May be Suffering and a Broken Mess Right Now, But Its Dedication to its Story Telling is Unbeatable

Helldivers 2's narrative depth is in a league of its own.

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  • Helldivers 2 fans' excitement is overshadowed by technical issues and controversies.
  • The game's storytelling elevates the franchise's status and the in-game issues cannot change that.
  • The story of the game explores war and its consequences through gameplay.
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Fans of Helldivers 2 have had the time of their lives in the co-op shooter since its arrival in February 2024. However, since its launch, the game has faced technical issues, overbearing fan expectations, and other controversies.


Despite these challenges, Helldivers 2’s commitment to storytelling gives it unexpected narrative depth, which may solidify the Helldivers series as a beloved franchise for years.

Helldivers 2: Launch Challenges and Enduring Narrative Appeal

Helldivers 2 surpassed all expectations at launch.
Helldivers 2 surpassed all expectations at launch.

Helldivers 2 launch was marred by bugs, glitches, and performance issues, leading to frustration among players. Amid technical chaos, the vast majority of players found solace in the core gameplay loop.


The focus on teamwork and the strategic use of a varied arsenal remained engaging. The game’s innovations over its predecessor were also met with much enthusiasm. Players take on the role of a Helldiver, a soldier deployed into dangerous environments.

Despite technical issues, the game’s fast-paced gameplay and sardonic humor have satisfied players. Then, a new hurdle—cultural concerns surrounding certain aspects of the game’s story. While the specifics remain outside the scope of this article, it’s indisputable that these added issues further complicated the game’s reception.

a fun theme amongst the enemies we face is them being the consequence of our own actions
byu/havenEgg inHelldivers


In a spectacular turn of events, Helldivers 2 went from being one of the biggest hits of 2024 to becoming a point of contention for many gamers. Despite the issues plaguing the current state of Helldivers 2, one area remains solid and is likely the source of an eventual return to glory for the game.

Helldivers 2’s narrative goes beyond a simple shoot-em-up. As recent fan commentary shows, It weaves a story about a universe grappling with the consequences of its actions, and the player becomes entangled in this web of cause and effect.

Helldivers 2’s Narrative Depth Is Unmatched

Despite problems, Helldivers 2's narrative depth ensures its longevity.
Despite problems, Helldivers 2‘s narrative depth ensures its longevity.

Helldivers 2 confronts the grim reality of war with dark humor. Propaganda messages and voice lines are laced with sarcasm, questioning Super Earth’s motives. Even failure contributes to the story, adding camaraderie in the fight for survival.


Propaganda glorifies self-sacrifice and dying for democracy with a darkly humorous undertone that underlines the expendable nature of Helldivers. The missions involve securing resources, suppressing rebellions, exterminating alien threats, and paint a picture of a Super Earth that is desperate and willing to sacrifice anything for victory.

The Automatons may be linked to Super Earth’s warmongering and the Cyborgs from the previous Helldivers. The Terminids could result from Super Earth’s expansionist policies, with Bug Farms possibly being used for control or resource extraction. The ambiguity allows for player interpretation.

A core element of the “consequences of actions” theme lies in the enemy types. The potential emergence of the Illuminati, hinted at with Meridia, adds another layer to the consequences theme. Super Earth’s actions throughout the war might have inadvertently triggered the return of this powerful enemy, further highlighting the cyclical nature of the conflict.


In Helldivers 2, the narrative goes beyond shooting bugs and robots. It’s a cautionary tale about war, environmental damage, and the cycle of violence. By exploring the motivations of existing enemies, the game can elevate its narrative and become a platform for continuous lore expansion and deeper player engagement.

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