“It’s so useless”: Helldivers 2 Needs to Buff 1 Passive to Make it Worthwhile Choosing Against the Terminids, Automatons and ‘That’ Upcoming Faction

Helldivers 2's gravy train seems to have come to a premature end.

helldivers 2


  • The sets of armor available in the Cutting Edge Warbond premium package lack the necessary passive buff to make them effective during Helldives.
  • The mechanics of the ARC Thrower stratagem has come under heavy fire, especially with the requisite passive Electrical Conduit vastly underperforming.
  • Numerous issues and complaints are sprouting in the community everyday and little is being addressed leading to ever increasing fan disgruntlement.
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Helldivers 2 seems to be falling out of favor with fans faster than anticipated. It burst onto the scene with a lot of promise to offer a proper bug-killing, democracy-spreading experience. After a trailblazing three months, it started to show signs of failing.


Arrowhead Studios put a lot of effort into making the game. And they still keep adding content. However, lately, a lot of fans seem to be spotting flaws in the game. For the sake of its fans, Helldivers 2 needs to up its game and listen to its fans, now more than ever.

The Arc Thrower Passive Needs Some Series Buff

The EX-XX Prototype X range of armors needs some serious buff in passive.

The ARC Thrower is a powerful weapon with a big catch. It can hurt your teammates and allies too. If a teammate is just behind an enemy you are shooting with an ARC Thrower, you will likely end up hitting them too with the follow-up lightning bolt that arcs out of the enemy.


This post on Reddit claimed that the passive on the three armor sets found in the Cutting Edge Warbond premium package are not worth their passives, even though the armor looks impressive. These armors come equipped with the Electrical Conduit passive.

This offers 95% resistance to the ARC Thrower’s damage and allows teammates to shoot at the player’s back so that the enemies in front get damaged by the second lightning bolt.

Quite understandably, a lot of players didn’t understand the reason for this armor as the passive damage makes it nowhere close to worth it.


This player is obviously frustrated by the fact that others would have to buy something for a teammate to equip ARC weapons, or else risk the chance of getting blasted to smithereens by friendly fire. While the stratagem is a good weapon, the passive on the armor sets honestly makes no sense.

One fan clearly anticipated this fan blowout when this post was put up.

Whether Arrowhead will heed this fan petition only time will tell. But if fan sentiments are anything to go by, the Electrical Conduit passive needs a damage buff to be viable for players to use. Plus, toxic/selfish teammates make it difficult to use such team-based passive.


Amidst all this, a Community Manager confirmed that calling two EXO-49 Emancipator Exosuits leads to frame drops in Helldivers 2.

Will Helldivers 2 Survive the Upcoming Launch Dates

Helldivers 2 is in dire straits with fans.

With the summer of 2024 underway, a host of games are expected to be released by the year-end. Whether Helldivers 2 will remain a red-hot IP as it was in the past or will it join the list of one-off wonders like L.A. Noire, Jade Empire, Bully, etc. is a debate that is looking to fan out soon.

The Starship Trooper-esque video game is drawing constant criticism from fans of late. The biggest issue players complain about is the newly released content. But, a battle tank stratagem in Helldivers 2 might just draw players in after they suffered heavy losses against the Automatons’ Annihilator Tanks.


All of these are speculations as there have been no concrete updates regarding any changes to the existing battle mechanics of stratagems. But how long the fans will be patient, that’s to be seen.

What do you think of the sets of armor in the Cutting Edge Warbond premium package? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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