“Sorry for the rant”: Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Rights Some Wrongs and Puts People in Their Place After Being Accused of Scamming Players for Something Out of His Control

Pilestedt and team seem to be nothing but scapegoats.

Helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 was a reigning contender for GotY in 2024 before a controversy.
  • Johan Pilestedt has taken to X in order to tell his side of the story.
  • There seems to be a deeper reason for enforcing PSN ID linkage with Steam accounts.
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Helldivers 2‘s glorious run, which saw the game rule the pyramid of relevance on PC and the PlayStation 5, was interrupted by an unforeseen circumstance. To put it succinctly, it was always advertised that the game would require a PSN ID to be linked with one’s Steam account.


While it was momentarily held off by Arrowhead Game Studio, Helldivers 2‘s developer, it was later reinforced by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This led to widespread outrage; now, amid the outrage, the game’s director and the studio’s CEO have shared their opinions.

Johann Pilestedt’s Response to a User Blaming Him and the Helldivers 2 Developer Studio

The title deserves to contend for the GotY.
The title deserves to contend for the GotY.

Johan Pilestedt is the people’s CEO when interacting with players and sharing his thoughts on X. He also posts about the game on his X account, making it seem like he lives vicariously in the game’s world.


He also rarely shuts down fans who politely ask him to fix issues with his game; this time, the CEO took to social media to explain his side of the story. After all this time, the controversy is only working to benefit the trolls. The developer studio is receiving a lot of unnecessary backlash and this is why the CEO chose to express himself.

This is what Pilestedt had to say on X when an individual misinterpreted his statements:

Pilestedt’s response highlights that he was forced to turn off account linking due to the server issues that the game was facing, which was nothing more than a maneuver executed to manage multiple crises. While Sony caved in and removed the barrier of PSN ID linking, the entire fiasco has taught the gaming fraternity a lesson or two.


The Helldivers 2 Controversy Is an Excellent Example of String Pulling from Publishers

The Helldivers 2 fiasco was absolutely unncessary.
The Helldivers 2 fiasco was unnecessary.

Sony has been enjoying win after win with virtually no competition in the business. While all of it can be attributed to the company’s competence and understanding of the market and its user base, it sparked outrage among its users.

From increasing PS Plus Prices too concealing its numbers, it might not seem like it, but Sony does have a fair bit of skeletons in its closet due to unhappy customers and sales declining for the PlayStation 5. On one hand, while one may believe that syncing trophies and privacy are the two reasons Sony wants Steam gamers to make PSN IDs, the real reason may go deeper.

Sony might want to please its shareholders by projecting an increasing number of active PSN users due to successful exclusives like Helldivers 2 and the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima. Arrowhead Game Studios has nothing to do as their role ends with the game’s development, and after that, the ball rests in the publisher’s court.


How to sell, who to sell, and where not to sell are not questions that Pilestedt and the team answer. Arrowhead Game Studios and Pilestedt are nothing but two scapegoats in this fiasco.

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