“I bought all your games to help you out…”: Helldivers 2’s Johan Pilestedt Really is the Nicest Guy in Gaming

He is a genuine good guy in the industry.

johan pilestedt, helldivers 2


  • The Helldivers 2 director really wants to help indie developers make the first steps to success.
  • Johan Pilestedt, the CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, shared on X that he bought various titles from the same developer.
  • VuVuu Inc. confirmed this and was shocked by how Pilestedt helped him with the sales. This dev has more than five games released on Steam.
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Helldivers 2, director and CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, keeps making headlines. Johan Pilestedt is a very active X user who is always ready to reply to any post that he is interested in. Recently on X, user VuVuu Inc., an indie developer, shared its sales on Steam, to which Pilestedt replied, saying that he bought several titles from this creator. 


He also added that when he has the time, he will check all of these titles. As the sole member of the team, this indie developer has already released over five games on the Valve platform.

Johan Pilestedt is Willing to Help Any Indie Developer That He Can

Johan Pilestedt has bought all the games of an indie developer.
Johan Pilestedt has bought all the games of an indie developer.

All of the Helldivers 2 community knows that Johan Pilestedt, the title director and CEO of Arrowhead Game Studios, is a very active person on X. He is always eager to clarify the players’ doubts or even reply to the announcements that the game has just concluded. But as with all personal accounts, he uses it to make whatever he wants; in this case, he helps an indie developer complete some of the first sales.


An indie dev called VuVuu posted how the sales of his games went up, to which Pilestedt replied, saying that he bought all of the titles from this developer.

VuVuu even shared the graphic showing how sales went up, especially with the latest game that he released. The user has not yet replied to Pilestedt purchases. The responses to the comment of the person responsible for the popular online title were more than positive.


The Helldivers 2 Director is Trying to Make the Industry a Better Place

Helldivers 2 director, loves the indie industry.
The Helldivers 2 director loves the indie industry.

VuVuu Inc., the studio where this talented developer creator has launched many titles like Otok, Entomophobia, Last Hope, Shrimp.io, and others. He developed all of these titles by himself. Pilestedt has also said that once he has the time, he will play all of the creator’s titles. This kind of action demonstrates Pilestedt’s genuine support for creating opportunities for indie developers to gain recognition.

Mostly developed on Unity, these titles are short adventures from popular genres such as shoot’em up, casual, and strategy, demonstrating VuVuu’s adeptness at adapting to diverse game genres. These specific games on Steam have very positive reviews; it appears that this developer is very good at making games for the platform. Pilestedt has invested in this talent, and people love that kind of enthusiasm.

Helldivers 2 has just announced that the game has exceeded the 12 million units sold; this was part of the Sony earnings call. This is a number that not even the studio expected; it is a total success for PlayStation Studios and remains one of the most popular titles of the year. This game is the fastest selling in recent history and has even exceeded titles like God of War Ragnarok.


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