Helldivers 2’s Meridia Major Order May Now be Completed, but it May Have Been a Lie Perpetuated by the Ministry of Truth all Along

Fans are having doubts about the result.

helldivers 2’s meridia major order


  • The Helldivers 2 players have completed yet another major order.
  • This mission made the Meridia planet explode, leaving a gigantic black hole in space.
  • Some players are skeptical about the result, saying that the black hole looks strange.
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After an amazing effort from the Helldivers 2 community, another Major Order has been accomplished. However, some fans are questioning whether the destruction of the Meridian Terminids supercolony was a successful mission. 


Given the appearance of the black hole, some players are questioning whether this mission was a success or merely another attempt at propaganda from the Ministry of Truth. The studio is celebrating this particular success and anticipating new ways to eradicate the bug menace on the game’s official social media.

The Community of Helldivers 2 Has Proven Once Again to Be Very Good at Fighting for Democracy

Helldivers 2 community is doubting about the current black hole.
Helldivers 2 community is doubting about the current black hole.

Another epic battle has concluded within the vast lore of Helldivers 2, and the community has achieved another significant victory for democracy. With the destruction of the terminal supercolony on Meridia, players of the game can now see the enormous black hole that this battle leaves in the middle of the galaxy. However, not all fans have fully come to terms with this particular phenomenon.


Some Reddit users are discussing the strange appearance of this black hole, which they weren’t expecting to look like once the planet exploded. This particular user is questioning the veracity of this space hole.

I barely know a thing about a black hole , but is it true that what he’s saying is true? If so then this is cool as hell not gonna lie
byu/kuruakama inHelldivers


On several Reddit posts, users are saying that this is all propaganda from the Ministry of Truth to encourage players to keep fighting without asking questions.


That’s not a black hole guys…
byu/WeirdFurryIntoBdsm inHelldivers

The community is always skeptical until they see results.

Could there be New Weapons in Development?

Arrowhead Game Studios is anticipating new changes.
Arrowhead Game Studios is anticipating new changes.

Many fans are at a loss for how to respond to this black hole. Discussions on Reddit suggest that the black hole lacks certain details. These users are drawing comparisons between the black hole and the visuals they’ve seen in movies such as Interstellar, which explains why the phenomenon doesn’t match their expectations. According to the studio, this will mean a significant change for the game going forward.


Helldivers 2 highlighted in a social media post that the victory in this major order will bring about a unique and noteworthy change in the game. In a video communicating this news, the title anticipates that they will use the dark fluid technology for new ways to obliterate the Terminids army. As many other fans were expecting, the game will probably add new weapons with dark fluid ammunition.

One of the strongest rumors was that the next Warbond would feature all dark fluid-themed weapons. The community is also expecting new stratagems using this particular explosive material. In the most recent social media post, the studio referenced the Automaton army as a component of the next significant battle the soldiers will face in the fight for democracy. Fans are hoping to see big changes in the title.

What are your thoughts about this black hole? Let us know in the comments!


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