Helldivers 2 Player 3D Prints a Real Life Bluetooth Stratagem Entry Pad That Works With the Game, Divers are Going Crazy

Helldivers 2 player's 3D printed bluetooth stratagem entry pad is making Helldivers go gaga

Helldivers 2 Player 3D Prints a Real Life Bluetooth Stratagem Entry Pad That Works With the Game, Divers are Going Crazy


  • Helldivers 2 player 3D prints a real life bluetooth stratagem entry pad for the game.
  • However, they say it is not practical and does not make them better at the game.
  • Fans love the new invention saying they would spend any amount to get it.
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Helldivers 2 has turned out to be more than merely just a game for fans across the globe. The game has gained popularity for its exceptional gameplay and narrative for sure. But besides that, it has also grabbed headlines for its innovative meta-narrative surrounding the title.


These include game masters, new mechs, and co-op debauchery. In Helldivers 2, one of the main ways in which players can call in their stratagems or powerful perks is by punching in codes requiring directional commands.

Helldivers 2

To ease things out, players have started building their own external stratagem keypads to make the process of punching codes easier as they focus on the game. Thus demonstrating just how much impact the game has created.


Player 3D prints a Helldivers 2 stratagem entry pad

Recently a user named ‘sudomod_wermy’ shared a post on Instagram showing off a Stratagem Entry Pad they printed using a 3D printer. And it isn’t just another 3D print, it is a real-life Bluetooth-supported entry pad that works for real.

They shared a video of how they made the entry pad as well as how it functions and wrote,

“FOR SUPER EARTH! I made a Bluetooth stratagem entry pad for Helldivers 2! 🫡 3d printed shell with arduino/esp32 guts. Got a few things I want to clean up and improve, then I’ll have a full video up on my YouTube channel.”


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That being said, the user made sure to clarify some common things about the entry pad. Firstly, they said it is not practical. Secondly, they say that most users would think it makes them better at the game, however, that is not true. In fact, the player said it might end up making your game harder. Lastly, the player answers the question of why did they make it then, saying, “For Democracy!”


Notably, this is not the first time someone has made such an input device for Helldivers 2. A few days ago, a modder named ‘Convictcantaloupe’ showed off his wireless keypad for Helldivers 2 on TikTok. The modder named the device “Liber-key” which was capable of calling upon stratagems with a flick of one’s wrist.

What do Helldivers think of Helldivers 2 stratagem entry pad?

Helldivers 2 fans were clearly impressed by the invention. The post shared by ‘sudomod_wermy’ was flooded with praise from fans who expressed how they’d pay anything to get the device.

A user named ‘nlordfettgaming’ wrote, “Idc how much it costs I would buy this rn lol PLEASE.” Similarly, another user ‘elswee117’ suggested that the player mass-produce the device and sell it, since it is something that they really need.

Helldivers 2 gameplay

Meanwhile, ‘stoney_the_duck’ went on to say,

“Can a version of Stratagem Hero be made for this device? I’d pay a questionable amount of money for one of these that can do the readout as you showed, and can switch over to strat hero.”

Another user ‘hoppi18’ says, they wish they had the patience and imagination to be able to make stuff like this.


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