Helldivers 2 Player Count is Taking a Major Beating Right Now Despite the Insanely Impressive Dark Fluid Missions

Helldivers 2 introduced intense Dark Fluid mission, but the player count is still dropping. What's the reason?

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  • Helldivers 2's latest update introduced the exhilarating Dark Fluid mission, offering dynamic challenges and enticing rewards.
  • Despite the excitement surrounding Dark Fluid missions, Helldivers 2 is experiencing a notable drop in its player base.
  • To revitalize Helldivers 2, addressing factors such as lack of updates, competition from other games, and technical issues is crucial.
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Helldivers 2, a renowned cooperative third-person shooter, has been beloved by players for its intense gameplay and thrilling co-op experience. However, despite the release of the highly anticipated Dark Fluid mission, the game’s player base is witnessing a rather sharp decline. 


The latest mission, released with the latest patch, offers a very diverse and difficult combat where players need to visit a highly dangerous planet and defend the drills from waves of enemies. Yet, the interest in the game is in rapid decline.

Potential Factors Contributing to Helldivers 2 Decline

Arrowhead Game Studios has not explicitly said that Helldivers 2 will be getting a balance patch soon.
Helldivers 2 new update brought Dark Fluid Mission | Arrowhead Game Studios

The introduction of the Dark Fluid mission brought a lot of buzz back into the community. The mission places players in the heart of a dangerous planet where they need to fight against the waves of the enemy. The new planet also features new enemy types, treacherous environments, and deadly hazards. 


Adding to the thrilling experience, the rewards for completing the mission are good as well. They can range from rare weapon upgrades to exclusive cosmetic items. The difficulty of the mission to rewards, players should have the motivation to try these missions.

Data from SteamDB shows that the player count decreased
Players count is decreasing at an alarming rate | SteamDB

Despite the appeal of new content, Helldivers 2 is failing to retain its players. Data from SteamDB shows that the player count is decreasing constantly: In March 18,236 left, April 95,285 left, and in May, the biggest drop of 219,363 was recorded.  

The reason behind this decline is still unknown but speculation is that there’s a lack of new content outside of the Dark Fluid mission. The mission is good but players must be hoping for more diverse content. 


Another contributor can be the rise of new multiplayer games in the market. With so many competitors, maintaining a dedicated player base requires a lot of innovation and engagement.

Challenges and Opportunities for Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is still a testament to the love and passion developers put into the game
Developers need to add diverse content to suit every kind of player. | Arrowhead Games Studio’s Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 is still a testament to the love and passion developers put into the game. The Dark Fluid mission shows that they are still committed to delivering the most thrilling and unforgettable experiences to their players. 

However, if the developers really want to stop the downward trend of player count, they need to explore new avenues for content and engagement. Things like regular updates, community events, or new multiplayer features are the key to success. 


In the end, Helldivers 2 first needs to address the underlying issues like server connectivity problems or lack of support from developers and then start embracing the innovation. After that, the game can reclaim its status as one of the best cooperative shooters and reignite the passion of its player base. 


Written by Shubham Chaurasia

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