Helldivers 2 Servers Can’t Handle How Popular the Game is, with 1000s Unable to Play

Helldivers 2 server issues are a reflection on how much fan response exceeded the expectations of the developers.

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  • Helldivers 2 server issues plagued the game since its launch along with reward and progression issues.
  • In spite of the hiccups, fans are strongly behind the developers as the third person gameplay exceeds expectations.
  • Apart from the already released 'rapid-fixes' fans can expect several more updates and patches in the coming days.
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Helldivers 2 servers are already feeling the heat as they struggle to keep up with the number of players trying to log in leading to thousands of players facing server issues. To add salt to injury for players, who do get in and are able to play a game, they are not getting any rewards for completing the mission.


But, even with these initial hurdles, a million copies have already been sold. By the looks of it, this player response was unforeseen by the developers as they launched the game initially with a rate limit of 10,000/minute and a total concurrent capacity of 250,000.

After intense server issues started emerging the developers provided a server update where the concurrent player cap was increased to 360,000 and the rate limit to 20,000/minute. But by the looks of it, Helldivers 2 servers will be under more pressure as new players join the fray.


Helldivers 2 Servers’ Capacity in Question After Stellar Sales

Helldivers 2 servers issues did not keep players from playing the game

Helldivers 2 sales exceeded the expectations of the developers already. With a million copies sold, and at least a million more expected to be sold within a week, the server capacities of Helldivers 2 have come under intense scrutiny. The developers released a statement via Discord explaining the countermeasures they are taking. But judging by the numbers, they feel like repairing a crack on the road with a bandaid.

The Discord update from the developers outlining their “rapid-fixes“.

However, fan reactions on fan-operated communities have largely been in favor of the developers who have time and again assured that they are doing their utmost best to rectify the issues in the game.

Fans explaining having the developers back.

But there is another issue at large too. The apparent lack of mission rewards is turning out to be a major issue. To sum it all up, the game is plagued by server issues, reward issues, and progression problems, but people are still in awe of it.


Helldivers 2 is the first sequel entry by Arrowhead Game Studios and fans are amazed with the game itself. But the anger of quite a few players is understandable as they just want the service that they paid for and are entitled to.

Despite these issues, the large majority of players are behind the developers and are hopeful of new patches being released soon to counter the issues plaguing the game now.

Helldivers 2 Set To Be a Major Success Despite Initial Server Hiccups

Helldivers 2 image

The initial problems with Helldivers 2 servers are yet to dissuade fans from singing praises of the game. With the audio track of the game being a proper parody of enlistment and the military media, the ‘less listening, more fighting’ approach of the game makes it a perfect video game to play with friends and family.


The transition to a third-person perspective from the isometric co-op shooter game style of Helldivers blew the minds of fans. The fast-paced, chaotic, and mission-oriented game also has the added objectives of battle pass.

Once the developers figure out the Helldivers 2 server issues and the progression and reward issues, the game is going to become another cult classic from Arrowhead Game Studios. And with fan support behind them, the developers have plenty more to deliver despite the stellar launch.

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