Helldivers 2 Theory: Joel is Hiding a New Deadly Bug Unit in Meridia That’s Been Just as Elusive as The Illuminate

The destruction of Meridia could force this deadly Terminid unit to come out of hiding.

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  • A theory suggests that destroying Meridia would force Hive Lords to join Terminids to fight Helldivers.
  • Just like the Terminid Control Systems caused mutations within the Terminid faction, players believe that injecting Dark Fluid into Meridia would do the same.
  • Players also have a strong feeling that the Illuminate's invasion is right around the corner.
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There is a misconception that the current Major Order in Helldivers 2 would completely wipe out the Terminid faction, erasing them from existence, however, players are only targeting a Terminid supercolony that resides on the Meridia planet. Given how these bugs have somehow always survived against all odds, players should prepare themselves to fight against them again in the future.

Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

Back in March 2024, players were ordered to disable the Terminid Control System on some planets, and subsequently, it was confirmed that it caused mutations within the faction. Once again, players have a bad feeling that injecting the Dark Fluid in Meridia’s core will force a new bug unit to come out of hiding: Hive Lord.

This Helldivers 2 theory suggests that Hive Lords are coming to the game

Hive Lords in Helldivers (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
Hive Lords in 2015’s Helldivers (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

Since the release of Helldivers 2, players have been wondering why Hive Lords are not fighting for the Terminid faction in the game since these units were very active in the first game. There is a theory that Hive Lords are finally coming to the game because of Super Earth’s decision to destroy Meridia planet.


In March, players were asked to activate Terminid Control Systems on Terminid planets, and in late April, players were told that these Terminid Control Systems had caused mutations within the faction. Although players tried to disable the TCS on some planets, it was too late.

Helldivers 2 players then came across a new bug unit in the game called Shrieker, proving that the rumors about the mutations were true. Similarly, players now believe that destroying Meridia with Dark Fluid will cause more mutations or even trigger the Hive Lord to come out.

The current Major Order could completely change Helldivers 2

A still from Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)
A still from Helldivers 2 (via Arrowhead Game Studios)

The battlefield will become far more chaotic if Hive Lords join the current Terminid forces. These units are capable of creating new tunnels for the Bug hives in a planet’s crust and since they are under the surface most of the time, it is very difficult to take them out.


Not just Hive Lords, but there might be another major threat that Helldivers need to prepare themselves for. There’s a theory that claims the Illuminate, the game’s third rumored faction, will declare war against Super Earth for destroying Meridia. Nothing is confirmed as of now, but players have a strong feeling that the Illuminate’s invasion is right around the corner.

Helldivers 2 is available on Windows and PlayStation 5.


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