The Toxicity Is Growing as Helldivers 2 Fan’s Insane Weapon Balancing Idea Annoys the Community

We are buffing the weapons, just backwards.

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  • The Helldivers 2's community is presently divided over the recent nerfs made to the marksman rifle R-36 Eruptor.
  • Amidst growing discussions, one Reddit user came swinging with the most outlandish and insane suggestion to re-balance the weapon, to much annoyance of the community.
  • Whether the Eruptor will return to its pre-patch glory days in the future remains to be seen, as Arrowhead is working on ironing out its issues.
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Helldivers 2‘s community has experienced a rollercoaster of emotions this month. From the introduction of the somewhat underwhelming Emancipator to the recent nerfs on R-36 Eruptor, there are a lot of thoughts and opinions across the community.


However, some of these thoughts may be too far away and out of the box. For example, one player on Reddit went on a rant regarding the Eruptor’s nerfs, only to irritate the community and for the moderators to instantly remove the post.

One Helldivers 2 Fan Suggests Nerfing Every Weapon To Strengthen the Eruptor

The Eruptor has remained a fan-favorite since the beginning of Helldivers 2.
The Eruptor has remained a fan-favorite since the release of Democratic Detonation in Helldivers 2.

While Arrowhead is working on fixing the Eruptor and the Emancipator’s alleged framerate issues, fans of Helldivers 2 are busy discussing what the balance changes mean for something so community-driven. Some are happy with the changes made to the Eruptor, though many see it as their preferred long-range weapon since the early days of Helldivers 2 being gutted into oblivion.


Perhaps the heat generated by all these discussions got to one player’s head, as Reddit user S3ps3 suggested the most extreme and insane solution to the problem in an opinion post on the Helldivers subreddit.

In the now-deleted post, S3ps3 sarcastically stated how Arrowhead might as well nerf all the other weapons and make the Eruptor relevant again while making the enemies even more bullet-sponge-prone, jabbing at those trying to justify the changes.

As one may expect, the post only annoyed the community, which perhaps wished to discuss nerfs a little more seriously. It is hilarious how serious S3ps3 sounds in further discussion regarding their glowing bulb of an idea.

byu/S3ps3 from discussion

No matter how serious the user may have been with their idea, the post quickly got flagged and purged by the moderators, and people went about their ways once more, continuing their other discussions on the subreddit.

All This Begs the Question—Did the Eruptor Truly Deserve Getting Nerfed?

Helldivers 2‘s players now eagerly await the return of the pre-patch Eruptor.

Before the Eruptor got patched into the ground, it had an exhilarating risk-reward system that pushed the players to devise all sorts of tactics on the fly to ensure that one of the strongest weapons in the game wouldn’t blow up in their faces. That was until it became one of the game’s least powerful and downright useless weapons.

For Arrowhead, it seems that this system was simply netting a negative, as they decided to remove the shrapnel effect and tried buffing the weapon’s damage output. Here’s the thing: there was no reason to remove the shrapnel effect of a marksman rifle based on the fact that it can potentially kill a player in close combat.


Not to mention, because the buffs to the rifle’s damage were incorrectly applied, it deals lesser damage than before on certain enemies, making it completely useless until the next patch fixes it. So, keeping that in mind, Arrowhead shouldn’t have bothered to mess up the balance that the Eruptor had perfectly created for itself.

What are your thoughts on the nerfs surrounding the Eruptor? Do you think Arrowhead could do with some insane suggestions like the one above? Let us know in the comments below.


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