“That will force a different stratagem loadout and I’m all for it”: Helldivers 2’s New Planet Is Forcing Longtime Players to Rethink Their Entire Strategy, Thanks to 1 Foreseeable Issue

Garcrux brings new challenges for Helldivers.

Helldivers 2


  • Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead Game Studios has added a new planet called Garcrux.
  • The planet has a jungle theme featuring large trees and swamps.
  • Garcrux is also making players rethink their stratagem loadout.
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Helldivers 2 has a lot of planets, but not all are available in the game for players to play on. But since the game will see new enemies added to the galactic war over time, it means that there will also be new planets.


Developer Arrowhead Game Studios revealed a new planet in the Viper Commandos Warbond, and it has now been added to the game. However, it seems like the planet requires players to rethink their strategy for how they want to go about the war going forward.

The New Jungle Biome Garcrux Has Arrived in Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 has welcomed a new Jungle planet Garcrux.
Helldivers 2 has welcomed a new Jungle planet, Garcrux.

The Jungle is the first such biome available in the game since it was released earlier this year, and fans have been loving the terrain. The massive trees and swamps are the highlights of the planet, and fans are excited to explore all of it as they take on Terminids.


The planet features clear skies as well as rainy weather, and it will surely be one of the fan favorites for a long time, or at least until a new, better planet is added. Moreover, fans who were complaining of being fed up with barren lands would greatly appreciate this latest addition.

But there are also some issues that would require players to change their strategy. Fans have said that the eagle and other orbital stratagems do not work properly on the planet. Many have said that the eagles get caught in the trees, and it’s hard to avoid them as more than 90% of the planet’s area is covered by trees.

This also makes it harder to detect enemies, but it has led players to plan their strategies accordingly and choose stratagems that will work well in the planet’s environment. Players had predicted that this might happen, and they are all ready to change their style and go to war against Terminids again.


Players Are Excited for the Change Garcrux Brings

The new planet is making Helldivers 2 players change their strategy to take on enemies.
The new planet is making Helldivers 2 players change their strategy to take on enemies.

Players have said that Orbital stratagem not working on Garcrux is a good thing as it will bring a new playstyle to Helldivers 2. One player said that the new playstyle, planet to planet, will help keep things fresh in Helldivers 2, and players will be engaged as it will make other stratagems important.

One player said that the new planet “will force a different stratagem loadout and” they are “all for it.”

Another fan added that this is a great thing to mix the stratagem meta.


While some players have been trolling others who don’t like this change as ones with “skill issue,” a lot of players have suggestions. Players have suggested fellow Helldivers to use turrets and big guns on the planet and also that mechs would be very beneficial on this terrain.

What are your thoughts about the new planet Garcrux in Helldivers 2? Do you like the change in gameplay the planet requires? Let us know in the comments!


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