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Henry Cavill Reportedly Wants Bigger, Fatter Paycheck for Man of Steel 2, WB Has Halted Michael B Jordan’s Black Superman Project For Cavill’s DCEU Comeback

Whether you’re a DC fan or not, one cannot simply deny the stupendous greatness of Henry Cavill. Back on 14th June 2013, the world saw the release of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel — which immediately became a cult classic amongst fans of the franchise. One such element which truly embellished the film was the debut of Cavill as Clark Kent, best recognized by his superhero persona, Superman. To date, fans have been enamored by the actor’s portrayal of their beloved superhero.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Many wondered whether the actor would ever return as Superman to the franchise. With the constant resurgence of rumors and them getting debunked, fans grew tired. However, with recent reports, there might be more to the story about Cavill’s speculated return.

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About A Potential Return…

Man of Steel
Man of Steel

Over the course of almost a decade, fans of DCEU have gone haywire over Henry Cavill’s potential return to the franchise, in the rumored Man of Steel 2. However, according to previous reports over the years, Cavill’s return was deemed a cloudy, unsure, and unlikely event. Speculations were made, and rumors were spread. To the dismay of many, several were debunked immediately. Following the release of Man of Steel, the actor who also starred in The Witcher, appeared in multiple films that followed after. However, abruptly, his time in the franchise was cut short.

Val Zod
Val Zod

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The actor himself has been very open and vocal about wanting to return and reprise his role as Superman. However, the studio seemed to have some other plans for the character itself. Previously, a Val Zod Superman-related project was under development for HBO Max, which will see Michael B. Jordan as one of the executive producers. However, that allegedly may have come to a temporary halt, as stated in a report by Cosmic Book News.

Henry Cavill (Allegedly) Wants A Bigger Paycheck

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

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According to a report by Cosmic Book News, it is being speculated that Cavill might be postponing his return to the DCEU, for a reason, perhaps most may have not seen coming — a bigger salary. There have been Warner Bros. insiders who have stated that the reason Henry Cavill’s return to the franchise is on a constant hold-up is because of compensation matters. The report also mentioned that if the actor wants to make his return, he would easily be able to do so.

A common theme that surrounds most reports about Cavill’s potential return has always been laced with questions of “what ifs” and “buts”. This alleged claim, too, should be analyzed with skepticism. Whether the supposed insider info about a bigger paycheck is what’s holding the actor back is true or not, is up to speculations and should not be taken as a source of the ultimate truth.

Henry Cavill's Superman comeback rumor
Will fans ever see the return of Cavill…?

While fans patiently await the return of their dearest Cavill as the red-caped superhero we all cherish, the upcoming DC endeavor to hit the theatres, Black Adam, will release on 21 October 2022. Zack Snyder’s Justice League is also currently streaming on HBO Max.

Source: Cosmic Book News

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