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‘The internet will break’: Zack Snyder Fans Hopeful WB Will #RestoreTheSnyderVerse After Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck Reportedly Make Full-Blown Return as Superman and Batman

snyderverse henry cavill and ben affleck return

After WB released the Justice League: The Snyder Cut, fans were more satisfied that Justice League and called the film a suitable follow-up to Batman vs Superman. Ever since the release of the Snyder cut, fans have been asking to restore the Snyderverse and more of Henry Cavill’s Superman. 

Justice League
Zack Snyder’s Justice League

After Justice League was released in 2017, fans started the trend #ReleaseTheSnyderCut, and taking in the fans’ demand WB released the movie in 2021, which was way much better than the 2017 Justice League.

With the hopes that the studio may listen to their demand once again, fans have started the trend #RestoreTheSnyderverse. 

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DC Films Directed by Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder directed the first DCEU movie, 2013 Man of Steel, followed by the 2016 Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, which featured Henry Cavill as Superman and introduced Ben Affleck as Batman. Batman vs Superman also had cameos of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Ezra Miller’s Flash, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

Zack Snyder later went on to direct the Justice League, but he had to leave the film during its post-production due to the death of a family member.

DC Extended Universe
Justice League

Joss Whedon, the director of The Avengers, took over the production afterward. This led to the director’s vision change and a movie that left fans unsatisfied. 

The studio later released a Snyder Cut, and fans were finally happy to see what the film was supposed to be. All this made one thing clear the fans loved the way Zack Snyder represented the characters and the story. The fans started calling it the Snyderverse and demanded more of it.

Will Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Continue in DCEU

There have been reports that Ben Affleck will appear in Aquaman: The Lost kingdom as Batman. Though Cavill entered the DCEU with his solo film, Ben Affleck has not got a solo Batman movie yet. However, considering the actor is still playing the character, many are also asking for a solo Batman movie, starring Ben Affleck. 

With the possibility of having the actor continue to play the role, There are possibilities that there will be a solo Batman film soon. Fans are also excited for his cameo in the upcoming movie Aquaman: The Lost Kingdom. 

One Twitter user said, Soooo… Ben Affleck will remain as Batman since Aquaman comes out after The Flash.. Cavill is in Black Adam..? Hmhm #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #HenryCavillSperman #MakeTheBatfleckMovie I’m ready.”

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry Cavill is also expected to appear alongside Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming film, The Black Adam, which gives a boost to future films with Cavill as Superman.

One use shared, “Henry Cavill in Black Adam. Ben Affleck in Aquaman 2. Big things are on the horizon. I feel it. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse.”

There have been reports that Cavill shot a few scenes in the UK for The Black Adam, which will most probably be the post-credit scenes for the film. 

With the characters introduced in Zack Snyder’s DC films, there might be a possibility that the Snyderverse may continue into the DCEU.

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David Zaslav Planning to Restore the Snyderverse

Not just the fans but the CEO of Warner Brother Discovery, David Zaslav also expressed his desire to restore the Snyderverse. Zaslav has made many changes in the WB, since the merger of WB and Discovery.

Zack Snyder guiding on the set of Justice League (2021).
Zack Snyder guiding on the set of Justice League

So it might be possible that the future DC movies follow up the events of the Justice League: The Snyder Cut instead of the 2017 Justice League. It becomes even more particular with a scene of Snyder’s cut of Justice League being included in the trailer of Shazam! The fury of the gods. 

It is all just a big assumption, for now, we will have to just wait and watch where the DCEU is going, and will there be more of Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman

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