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Henry Cavill Exacted His Revenge on Millie Bobby Brown, Punished Her Creatively While Filming Enola Holmes 2 For Forcing Him to Make TikTok Videos

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Henry Cavill recently revealed a rather amusing tidbit about an incident involving his co-star Millie Bobby Brown while they were filming Enola Holmes 2, as he sat down to have an exciting chat with BBC Radio 1‘s Ali Plumb about the sequel and various other topics, including his return to the DC Universe as Superman.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes along with Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes (2020).
Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes with Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes

The fraternal bond that the British star has with Millie Bobby Brown isn’t just limited to the screen as the detective duo have seen to share the same affectionate yet sibling-like rivalry outside of the film as well. And the Justice League actor shared a hilarious incident from Enola Holmes 2 that stands testament to the same.

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Henry Cavill’s hilarious revenge plan against Millie Bobby Brown

In a new interview with a popular film critic, Henry Cavill revealed how he’d retaliated against his co-star for putting him through the plight of making Tik Tok videos with her, and the story is as entertaining as it gets.

In Enola Holmes 2, there is a scene wherein Millie Bobby Brown is seen holding an intoxicated Sherlock, who is portrayed by Cavill, as the two stand in front of a long staircase with the former’s character vividly horrified at the prospect of carrying her drunk brother all the way up to his room.

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Cavill planned a hilarious payback against Millie Bobby Brown

When Ali hinted that the Godzilla actress was simply “pretending” to bear Cavill’s weight, who was also only acting drunk, the Man of Steel star admitted to deliberately making it difficult for Brown to help him to his room as a way of extracting revenge on her.

“She’s owed some punishment for teasing me with the threat of Tik Tok videos, um, on another one, and so I definitely lent pretty heavily into Enola when I was being drunk Sherlock. There were certainly times when, she was like, ‘There’s no way I could actually hold you up in real life. But, it was a good time, it was fun.” 

As Ali pointed out, the script during that particular scene read, “you’re as heavy as a dead horse on top of another dead horse.” Clearly, Cavill made sure that the Stranger Things star didn’t get away unscathed after having him endure the horrors of Tik Tok.

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown’s duo is an iconic one

From behind the scenes to multiple interviews that the two stars have appeared in, the affectionate yet mischievous bond that Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown seem to share in Enola Holmes and its sequel is definitely conspicuous in real life as well.

The two have had countless such moments wherein they get competitive just the way siblings do, like that time Cavill and Brown played anagrams and the latter made it a point to win the game as she challenged The Tudors star.

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Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill in Enola Holmes 2
A still from Enola Holmes 2

“I genuinely feel like you could have grown up together,” Ali remarked while talking to Cavill, after noting how the “brother and sister energy” of the two is just immaculate.

Enola and Sherlock indeed make an epic duo, even when they’re not solving dangerous mysteries.

Enola Holmes 2 can be streamed on Netflix.

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