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‘You’ve Got 12 Very Heavily Set Men Watching You’: Henry Cavill Reveals Awkward S*x Scene That Proves He Will Indeed Be a Very Shy James Bond

Henry Cavil james bond

Henry Cavill, as we all know, is a magnificent actor. There’s a reason why the world has a deep-seated admiration for the talented man. From his spectacular portrayal of Clark Kent/Superman to his other dynamic and remarkable efforts in endeavors like Enola Holmes, The Witcher, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, etc, Cavill is recognized as a memorable presence on-screen. This is one of the reasons why his fans have always rooted for him; from demanding his return to the DCEU to advocating for him as the next James Bond — they’ve done it all. However, even for a man as skilled, adaptable, and accomplished as Cavill, some elements of the filming process might get a bit too awkward.

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Henry Cavill as Superman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Making an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, back in 2013, the Man of Steel alum revealed the most embarrassing aspect of filming The Tudors, a show that marks one of Cavill’s earliest major roles. The actor portrayed the role of Charles Brandon and was involved in numerous risqué scenes. Could this revelation suggest the actor would be a shy version of James Bond?

Henry Cavill’s Role In The Tudors

Henry Cavill in The Tudors
Cavill in The Tudors

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When it comes to The Tudors, a historic-fiction, period-drama show predominantly set in 16th-century England, there was no hesitancy in delving deep into salacious themes. Cavill, who starred as Charles Brandon, consistently found himself thoroughly involved in various intimate sequences. While for the audience these scenes may have been tolerable, the situation for the actor was completely different. According to him, the process of filming the scenes is “not comfortable.”

Sitting down to talk with Graham Norton on his show, the actor commented the following, when questioned about his intimate scenes in The Tudors:

“When you’re on set, you’ve got at least twelve very heavily set men watching you. And, um… it’s not comfortable. And… and, you know, things aren’t happening as naturally as they should.” 

Henry Cavill explained how there’s a lack of privacy, naturally, while filming such scenes, and while actors are used to the challenges that come with the art of acting, the execution process behind the intimate scenes may leave any actor feeling awkward, and uncomfortable.

A Shy Version Of James Bond?

Henry Cavill as the next Bond?
Henry Cavill as the next Bond?

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As most of us are aware by now, the quest to find the next James Bond is still an ongoing process. Daniel Craig’s departure from the spy franchise left a vacant space for a talented and skilled actor to occupy. Previously, producer Barbara Broccoli, who is associated with the franchise, had expressed that the search for a new Bond is a challenging endeavor and will take a bit of time for fruitful completion.

Upon such declaration, many fans of James Bond started discussing the potential of several Hollywood actors who are eligible to play the iconic secret service agent. One such actor in question is Cavill. The support for The Witcher alum has been astounding, with thousands betting on his favor. However, the revelations made by the actor in The Graham Norton Show beg the question of whether or not he would play a more reserved, shyer version of James Bond, who’s infamously known for his flirtatious and intimate encounters with women.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

It is no doubt that Cavill is an adaptable and versatile actor. If the role requires it, he can be just as philandering as the iconic mainstream media character. However, when it comes to the question of comfortability, the actor may have to go through the awkwardness of being thoroughly watched while filming intimate scenes.

While the rat race for the next James Bond continues, with latest additions like Tom Holland being thrown into the mix of potential suggestions, there is no foretelling as to what the future would hold for Henry Cavill. If fans’ wishes come true, they’d certainly be inexplicably overjoyed to see the actor play his rendition of Bond.

Source: The Graham Norton Show

Written by Debdipta Bhattacharya

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