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Henry Cavill Fans Point Out James Gunn’s 21 Year Age Gap With Wife Jennifer Holland After Man of Steel Star Accused of Grooming Tara King

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Henry Cavill has been dealing with a lot after he was let go as the DC Universe’s Superman and as the Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher. He has since been supported by his fans and backed by them in any controversial situation or rumors that may put his reputation at harm. He has even been referred to as a groomer and a p*dophile.

Tara King and Henry Cavill
Tara King and Henry Cavill

When he left the Netflix series, there had been rumors regarding his behavior on-set and his lack of cooperation. Even during then his fans were massively supportive and stood by him regardless of the hate and backlash they too were receiving. To protect his reputation fans are even by his side as he gets labeled as a groomer by the public.

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Henry Cavill Gets Labeled As A Groomer And His Fans Defend Him

Fans of Henry Cavill have got his back and are constantly defending him upon people labeling him as a groomer because he dated Tara King for eight months, seven years ago. Fans are taking his side stating how she is an adult and he started dating her as an adult. They have also pointed out how James Gunn could also be labeled as a groomer or a p*dophile because of the age difference between him and Jennifer Holland.

James Gunn and Jennifer Holland
James Gunn and Jennifer Holland

While there are arguments regarded as neither of them is right and neither of them being wrong, Cavill’s fans are standing by him making sure his reputation does not go down the drain. Gunn is already under a lot of fire for letting go of the actor and further casting Holland to cameo in every future DCU project. Fans have pointed out how in both these situations each party involved was a consenting adult of sound mind and such allegations will only backfire and ruin lives that need not be interfered with.

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Fans Defend Henry Cavill And James Gunn For Dating Adults And Still Getting Called Groomers

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Fans have mostly sided with how both Gunn and Holland are adults and they got into a relationship as adults. Same with Cavill and King. They are vigorously defending both of them and still pointing towards Gunn’s twenty-one-year-old age gap with his wife.


Although it may be ordinary for adults to date adults, an age gap this prominent is not for the audience. So Holland and Gunn’s relationship is getting put under fire by them, labeling Gunn as a groomer and a p*dophile.

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