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Henry Cavill Fans Worried Amazon Will Royally Screw Up Warhammer 40K Series: ‘You can’t make a live action 40K. It’s just impossible’

Henry Cavill Fans Worried Amazon Will Royally Screw Up Warhammer 40K Series: 'You can't make a live action 40K. It's just impossible'

Henry Cavill’s career has hit rock bottom, the actor is now picking up the pieces. After leaving or allegedly getting fired from Netflix’s successful fantasy show The Witcher, Cavill was dropped from the DC universe as Superman. Suddenly, the most-in-demand actor has nowhere to go until he signed a deal with Amazon Studios to bring Warhammer 40K on screen. 

Now that game adaptations are quite the trend, especially after The Last of Us was adapted successfully, rumors about Call of Duty being turned into a film, and The Witcher renewed for another season, Warhammer is not a bad idea it is a great one. 

Fans do not trust Amazon Studios with Warhammer 40K 

warhammer 40k chaos gate daemonhunters warriors
Warhammer 40K

Fans on the internet speculate about the quality of Warhammer 40K. After Amazon Studious failed to deliver Lord of the Rings, it is hard to believe the studios will do justice to the game adaptation. Fans took to Twitter to express their concern, 


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The fans are not wrong, it is disappointing as this indicates that Amazon Studios will make some major changes in the storyline. Moreover, it also suggests that they are trying to chicken their way out of showing some really epic scenes and sequences.

The game is loaded with a variety of weaponry used in tabletop battles, including machine guns, swords, and laser weapons. Players of the game have to fight off Elves, orcs, magical beings, and extraterrestrial species that can all be found among the human warriors. It is immense, and the production cost and scale will be magnanimous.

Henry Cavill to star in Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K is a niche game and the Studio along with Cavill are aware that if they manage to pull it off the gaming fans will be their loyal fanbase. As the show progresses the viewers will grow through word of mouth and other means. It only remains to see if the British actor will be able to carry the show on his shoulders. 

All Hope is not lost for Warhammer 40K

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Henry Cavill as The Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher.

Henry Cavill is behind the project, the actor has seen his share of betrayals, politics, and powerlessness. Now either Cavill will emerge more powerful than ever or Warhammer’s failure will prove to be the end of his successful career. 

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The Witcher star is not unaware of this, he is smarter and more mature now as this time he will not just star in the show but will also serve as the executive producer. This move could be motivated by being kicked out of two big franchises.

Now he has managed to negotiate a better deal with Amazon’s Warhammer 40k and will not just star in the show but also serve as one of the  executive producer, this will give him more say in the process and will be less vulnerable to such mishaps. Wishing Henry Cavill all the best in his future endeavors hoping he will give his wants what they want- A Great Show. 

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