Henry Cavill Flies Faster Than a Speeding Bullet as Superman But Has a Support Dog as He’s Scared of Flying: “He’s my best buddy”

Henry Cavill Flies Faster Than a Speeding Bullet as Superman But Has a Support Dog as He's Scared of Flying: "He's my best buddy"

Henry Cavill is a well-known figure among fans of comic book movies. Hailing from the British territory of Saint Helier, Jersey, this ambitious actor appeared early in notable films like The Count of Monte Cristo (2002) and Stardust (2007) before securing a prominent lead role on the Showtime series The Tudors

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s rise to international stardom came with his portrayal of Superman in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, marking the inception of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Although Cavill’s depiction of the iconic Last Son of Krypton garnered a varied response from critics, he continued to embody the character in subsequent films. He reprised the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and appeared in both the original 2017 theatrical version and the 2021 Snyder Cut of Justice League

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Henry Cavill Scared Of Things He Does As Superman

Despite possessing the power of flight as Superman, the actor behind the iconic character has an ironic fear of flying and relies on a support dog. In January 2015, TMZ shared a video capturing Henry Cavill’s arrival at LAX accompanied by an Akita dog sporting a service dog vest. 

Henry Cavill as Superman

Cavill later disclosed during an interview on Good Morning Britain in July of that same year that he brings his dog along to make his travels more enjoyable, stating, “I like to take my dog with me as it makes things nicer.” He further revealed to Cosmopolitan a couple of months later that his canine companion is named Kal, distinct from Superman’s Kryptonian name Kal-El. 

Kal, the loyal companion, made an appearance in a video showcasing Henry Cavill’s Men’s Journal photo shoot in 2018. During the shoot, Kal even joined Cavill on a motorcycle and posed alongside him. Cavill affectionately expressed his admiration for his furry friend, stating, 

“What’s not great about Kal? He’s my best buddy. He’s stubborn. He drags a lot of attention away from me, which is excellent,” Cavill explained. “He comes to set as well, and it’s just having that little bit of light there for me, personally, I love it.”

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Henry Cavill Could’ve Become Batman Before Superman

Despite his current success as an actor, Henry Cavill faced numerous hurdles on his path to achievement. While he had the opportunity to portray Superman on two occasions, rumors circulated that he was among the contenders considered for the lead role in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

However, Cavill clarified in a 2009 Good Day New York interview that although he might have been considered, he never auditioned or underwent a screen test for the role. Additionally, Cavill’s name was also in contention for the part of Green Lantern in the 2011 film, but ultimately, he did not secure that role either. 

Interestingly, Henry Cavill lost two roles to the future Batman actor, Robert Pattinson. Cavill revealed in a 2013 interview with ABC News that he had auditioned for the role of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Additionally, author Stephanie Meyer, the Twilight series creator, considered Cavill her top choice for the character Edward Cullen.

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