Henry Cavill Gave Up Superman and The Witcher To Play THIS Badass Warrior in Amazon’s Warhammer 40K Series

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Henry Cavill is leaving the DC Universe behind, for good. He was removed from DCU thanks to the new vision James Gunn and Peter Safran have for the superhero universe. This not-so-pleasant piece of news came after Henry Cavill bid his farewell to The Witcher after just three seasons.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

2022 sure was a rough year for the actor. However, he is now back to turning things around for himself as he is all set to star in and produce a Warhammer 40,000-based project. We all know that Henry Cavill is definitely not a stranger to the geeky world, which is why this project seems to be perfect for him. The question is which character would he star as?

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Henry Cavill as Gregor Eisenhorn in Warhammer 40K Series?

WArhammer 40000
Warhammer 40000

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Just like the extremely popular Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer 40,000 or Warhammer 40K is one of the most popular tabletop miniature wargames. Henry Cavill seems to be pretty obsessed with the game as he has previously shown his figurine painting skills with Warhammer characters on his social media.

Back in 2021, Cavill expressed his interest in playing one of the characters from the game should it ever be turned into a movie or a series. Talking to IGN, he stated that since Warhammer is full to the brim with different characters it’ll be difficult to pick just one.


“There are a lot of characters from the Warhammer universe that I want to be. But I can only really be one, because once I’m one, then I can’t be others. So if it were to ever happen, if there were to be anything live action, I would have to be very aware of that. [Warhammer] is obviously character rich, and especially the 40K universe. I suppose I could play a different character from the Warhammer Fantasy universe versus the 40K universe, but I’m now just dreaming. I’d have to speak to the guys at Games Workshop and see what happens.”

When IGN suggested that Cavill would make a great Gregor Eisenhorn, the actor replied stating that while it was “exciting,” and added, “but then I burn Primarchs and the Captain-Generals, so I don’t really know.” Eisenhorn is a powerful Inquisitor and possesses psychic powers. Using his psychic talent he can easily compel people to follow his orders through his voice.

Not gonna lie, Inquisitor Eisenhorn is quite an interesting character and Cavill would do a great job bringing him to life. Now, Cavill’s wishes of seeing Warhammer 40K in live-action are finally becoming a reality as the actor embarks on a journey where he will help bring the wargame to life.


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Henry Cavill to Star in and Produce Warhammer 40K Series

Henry Cavill geeks out over Warhammer
Henry Cavill geeks out over Warhammer

Amazon has secured the rights for Warhammer 40K and is all set to produce either a movie or a TV series for Amazon Prime. If this wasn’t enough good news for fans of the wargame, Cavill, a certified geek, will be joining the team as executive producer. Not only this, but the Enola Holmes actor might also star as one of the characters.

Henry Cavill's Instagram post
Henry Cavill’s Instagram post

On his Instagram, Cavill stated that after being in the industry for 22 years, he’s finally ready to bring the “Warhammer Cinematic Universe” into life. Honestly, who better than Cavill? He has been into the world of the wargame since his younger days and even has a tattoo of Imperial Aquila, the two-headed eagle sigil, on his right arm.


As of now, there is no update about the said cinematic universe as Cavill and Amazon are yet to find a filmmaker/creator and writers. Even though we know practically nothing about the project, Cavill is surely the one to trust when it comes to all things geeky!

Source: IGN


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