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“We need to talk, Black Adam”: Leak Confirms Henry Cavill’s Superman Has a Face-off With Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

henry cavill in black adam

We all know that Henry Cavill’s return as Superman has been a heavily debated, discussed, and speculated matter. With constant rumors and subsequent let-downs plaguing the community, people were growing increasingly wary. Much to the surprise and delight of many, Black Adam, the Dwayne Johnson-led endeavor, has seemingly managed to reward the fans with what they were hoping to see for years now.

Black Adam FandomWire
Black Adam has managed to impress fans

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As per a recent leak, Cavill is confirmed to be appearing in the Jaume Collet-Serra-directed film. While the details surrounding the report have reaped a split reception from fans, the news does mark an occasion of celebration. To say that the fans of the SnyderVerse and enjoyers of the Cavill-Superman iteration are overjoyed would be underestimating the impact of such a confirmation.

Henry Cavill’s Return As Superman In Black Adam

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Cavill as Superman

For months on end, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson made several thought-provoking statements that fanned the flames of the audience’s hopes and expectations. From making claims about a potential Superman vs. Black Adam scenario to attesting how Cavill’s depiction of the ever-so-iconic superhero constitutes the definitive Superman of the present generation, Johnson has worked diligently in building up and maintaining fan anticipation.

The curiosity and excitement kept haunting everyone for days and nights, as many were apprehensive of being disappointed once again.

Henry Cavill DCEU comeback
Henry Cavill’s much-awaited DCEU comeback

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The fans can now, however, rest at ease. As per a Twitter scooper, Henry Cavill is back in the DCEU — all thanks to Black Adam. He’s also allegedly rocking a “classic suit” while the legendary Superman theme composed by John Williams plays in the background. As affirmed by prior rumors, the scene is most likely taking place in a post-credits sequence. Additionally, Superman reportedly confronts Black Adam and says the following:

“We need to talk, Black Adam.”

When this information is combined with what earlier speculations were alluding to, we might indeed see both Amanda Waller, who was hinted to have important affiliations with the Justice League, and Superman, who might be getting the ‘when-all-hope-is-lost’ trump card-esque treatment in the film’s post-credits sequence, creating a path for numerous enthralling future possibilities.

Amanda Waller in Black Adam trailer
Amanda Waller in Black Adam

Fans’ Reception To Henry Cavill’s Superman Return

The fans are ecstatic. To say they’ve been praying for such an outcome would be selling it short. Their love and admiration for Henry Cavill’s Superman iteration know no bounds. However, what seemed to have upset several folks is how the return of the superhero is not accompanied by the iconic Hans Zimmer Man of Steel score. Some Zack Snyder loyalists believe that the use of the John Williams theme for Cavill’s version of the DC character does not feel appropriate.

To many, it seems that the essence of Snyder’s take on the superhero is being washed down. At the same time, in a retort, others brought to light the director’s initial intentions of wanting to make use of the John Williams theme in Man of Steel. This wish of Snyder’s, according to the storyboard artist for the 2013 film, Jay Oliva, was declined by Warner Bros.

Christopher Reeve's Superman
Christopher Reeve’s Superman

Needless to say, the fans have their own set of differing opinions about the much-anticipated return. Take a look:

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While there has been no official word of confirmation from either director Jaume Collet-Serra or Henry Cavill, previous statements made by lead actor Dwayne Johnson may have been alluding to such a particular moment in the film. With such reports making their rounds all across the Internet, the concept of a cameo does not seem too far-fetched.

Many fans continue to struggle to come to terms with the authenticity of such reports and leaks. Fortunately for them, the wait is nearly over. The questions that have preoccupied the thoughts of thousands of fans will soon be answered — hopefully in a satisfying manner.

Black Adam will hit your nearest theatres on 21 October 2022.

Source: Twitter

Written by Debdipta Bhattacharya

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