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‘Henry Cavill is the Andrew Garfield of DC’: Fans Convinced Henry Cavill’s Confirmed Black Adam Cameo Will Start a Multiverse Revolution Like Garfield Did in No Way Home

Henry Cavill is the Andrew Garfield of DC

It’s been a long time coming. Ever since fans got just a tiny hint that Henry Cavill might make his appearance as the Man Of Steel in the upcoming anti-hero flick Black Adam, they have been on a spree, theorizing every single possibility and every single outcome of the movie’s end, and/or about Cavill’s Superman or even the DCEU as a whole!

black adam vs superman
Superman making an appearance in Black Adam

In the midst of these hypotheses, there is one that kind of… ‘sticks’ out, but not in the way you would think.

A well-known internet personality on Twitter was quick to point something out that was a little… controversial, and some fans were quick to jump on the bandwagon to save Henry Cavill and Superman from something that even they are weak against…

Social Media!

To Superman’s Rescue!

Black Adam FandomWire
Cavill as Superman

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Recently, Matt Ramos, who is a well-known film critic and influencer tweeted a certain something about what Henry Cavill’s presence feels like in the DCEU.

And fans didn’t buy into it.

Well as you already know how Twitter is, they stood up to save their beacon of hope!

It’s no surprise that people had burst on Mr. Ramos as they did. Most of the DC fandom loved Cavill for his portrayal of Superman in Man Of Steel and just appreciated him more in Batman Vs Superman. So of course they would be there to save his pride.

But what if we have got it all wrong? What if Matt Ramos’ tweet meant something else?

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What Does Henry Cavill’s Superman In Black Adam Signify?

Black Panther Wakanda Forever Aneka
What if Cavill’s appearance signifies new dawn on the DC Universe?

Retracing back to the message, the phrasing by Matt Ramos is something to talk about. Just as Andrew Garfield’s appearance in Spider-Man: No Way Home brought about the change in the multiversal way of things, Henry Cavill’s Superman might also follow along this path. What if Henry Cavill’s appearance in Black Adam signifies the birth of a new universe for DC? What if this is another chance given to an almost-forgotten superhero due to some questionable choices made in the past?

We think Ramos might be on to something that we can’t really grasp at the moment.

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Black Adam will hit theatres on 21st October 2022.

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