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Henry Cavill Reportedly Bidding Farewell To Snyderverse Superman, Playing a ‘Light and hopeful’ Man of Steel

Say goodbye to the grim and broody superman

After reports of Henry Cavill returning as Superman in Black Adam took the internet by storm, fans were quick to speculate about whether it will be Zack Snyder’s Superman that is returning, or the more light-hearted version from the original Justice League, directed by Joss Whedon. 

Henry Cavill
Actor Henry Cavill

Well, according to some trusted sources, Henry Cavill himself might have all the answers to this particular question running through the minds of Superman fans. It may be time to close the book on Zack Snyder’s Superman once and for all.

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Henry Cavill Does Not Want Superman to be Grim Anymore

Henry Cavill was brough into the DCEU by Dwayne Johnson.
Henry Cavill as Superman

Allegedly Henry Cavill is done playing Superman from the grim, dark versions seen in Zack Snyder‘s films to a lighter version of the character. According to reliable sources, Henry Cavill might be more inclined toward the Man of Steel sequel if Zack Snyder tones down the ‘darkness’ of the character. 

In the previous movies where Cavill has played Superman, including Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the actor is seen predominantly in a serious and grim role. Now, however, it seems Henry Cavill is all up for some changes in his character.

Even in the comics, Superman is seen as the ‘light’ which brings hope to people, inspiring them to be better. On the other hand, Batman was a character that portrayed vengeance and darkness. However, in Zack Snyder’s representation, both the superheroes, who were supposedly complete opposite ends of a rainbow, are seen in a similar brooding manner.

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What Does This Mean for Superman’s Future?

Zack Snyder on tthe set with Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill with Director Zack Snyder

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With The Witcher actor reportedly being done playing a gloomy role, fans might be in for some major disappointment. This is because Superman fans have always envisioned the superhero in a certain way because of movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, fans weren’t quite satisfied with Director Joss Whedon’s light-hearted portrayal of Superman which led to Zack Snyder creating his version of the movie.

Nevertheless, if the actor himself does not want anything to do with his past portrayals of the superhero, it might be redundant to even hope for it to happen. With Black Adam hitting the theatres pretty soon, and the alleged Superman cameo, all the questions might just get answered.

It seems like if the Warner Bros. want Henry Cavill to return as Superman for a Man of Steel sequel, which they do, they might have to bid goodbye to the famously grave Superman. And who knows, maybe we’ll get to see the guy smile for once.

Black Adam is all set to hit the theatres on October 21, 2022. 

Source: Giant Freaking Robot

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