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Henry Cavill Reportedly Secures Lead Role in Another $31B Franchise for Amazon After James Gunn Humiliated Him By Kicking Him Out as DC’s Superman

Henry Cavill Reportedly Secures Lead Role in Another $31B Franchise for Amazon After James Gunn Humiliated Him By Kicking Him Out as DC's Superman

Things haven’t been too great for fans of Henry Cavill. His sudden removal from DC Universe thanks to James Gunn’s vision as well as his exit from The Witcher have been nothing but gut punches to his fans. Despite all of this, Henry Cavill is standing steadfast and is all ready to dive deep into new projects and give his fans something to obsess over.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

If you are a Henry Cavill fan then there is no way you don’t know about his love for video games. He is an avid gamer who loves to spend his time in front of his PC playing iconic games. To further prove his obsession, he is also soon going to bring the Warhammer 40K universe to life along with his girlfriend, Natalie Viscuso. But, it looks like that’s not all as he is reportedly going to be a part of yet another insane video game franchise – Call of Duty.

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Is Henry Cavill Going to be a part of Call of Duty?

Captain Price in Call of Duty
Captain Price in Call of Duty

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A lot of people have Call of Duty listed as one of their top video games and it’s quite natural to wonder what the scenarios would be like if brought to life. Well, that day might not be too far away as according to Giant Freakin Robot’s sources, Amazon Studios are currently trying to secure the film rights for the video game. If that’s not exciting enough, the outlet’s sources also reveal that Henry Cavill might be playing one of Call of Duty’s heroes, Captain John Price, one of the most popular characters of the franchise.

Cavill loves video games to the point of almost missing out on Man of Steel because he was too busy playing World of Warcraft to attend the call. Owing to this immense love, it won’t be too surprising if Cavill does become a part of the film. If everything ends up working out in favor of the idea, it would be the perfect comeback for Cavil after two huge losses. Adding to that, just like Captain Price has been a recurring character in the video game, it might not be too far-fetched to assume that Cavill would be playing the character more than once.

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Henry Cavill Loves his Video Games

Henry Cavill building his gaming PC
Henry Cavill building his gaming PC

During the earlier promotions for The Witcher, Cavill told The Strait Times about how much he loves playing on his PC after his father introduces him to PC gaming. He also recalled playing games with his brother and installing video games on large floppy discs before technology took a turn.

“I’ve always been a gamer. My dad introduced me to PC gaming when I was very young and I have memories of playing games with my brother at the dining table. I remember installing games on those large square floppy discs and it taking forever, and loving those as well. So it’s been a part of me for a long time.”

Cavill also assembled his gaming PC all on his own, an act which received immense praise from his fellow gamers. If Amazon Studios do manage to get the film rights to Call of Duty, there would be no better addition to the ensemble than Cavill!

Source: Giant Freakin Robot


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