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Henry Cavill Reportedly Still in Race for Replacing Daniel Craig as New James Bond, MGM Continues Negotiations After Idris Elba Bows Out

In a new twist at the Bond odds scoreboard, Henry Cavill has taken an enormous leap to overtake the fan favorite Idris Elba just as the latter bows out of the game. It is no news that the James Bond franchise has been on the lookout for the latest reincarnation of 007 after the end of the 15-year run of Daniel Craig. It is only a matter of time now before the world is introduced to the chosen one.

Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as 007 leaves behind big shoes to fill

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Henry Cavill Reportedly at the Lead For Bond Casting Choice

The Man of Steel actor has come a long way from his Hotel Laguna days and yet when he recalls his early 2005 audition against Daniel Craig for the titular role of James Bond, Cavill was met with the words “a little chubby” from the director of Casino Royale. Back then, the actor had not been awarded the final prize due to his physique and now 15 years later, fate has come a full circle as Cavill now becomes the one to lead the roster for the next 007 casting.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill is the top contender for the role of the new 007

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Idris Elba, who is otherwise known for his MCU role in the Thor franchise, was until now favored over the rest of the actors in the running, including Tom Hardy, Rege Jean Page, and of course, Henry Cavill. However, the directors are most likely looking at someone who would be the perfect fit to shoulder the franchise for at least the next decade or more. And so, as the criteria suggest, the actor would have to be closer to the age of rising newcomer Rege Jean Page rather than Idris Elba.

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Franchise Scrambles to Get a Foothold Over 007 Negotiations

As time wears off, so does the dredging war between the top four contenders for the crown role. The Bond odds have now narrowed it down to Henry Cavill who holds a 2/1 record high at Ladbrokes, one of the betting firms overlooking the latest odds of Bond casting. Alex Apatis (from the firm) has revealed in a recent statement,

“In a shock twist over the last few days, we’ve seen Henry Cavill leapfrog Idris Elba in the 007 bettings, with the Superman star now the clear frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig.”

Daniel Craig as James Bond
The legacy of Daniel Craig as James Bond

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It comes as no surprise really for the Bond fandom that Cavill is now spearheading the leaderboard for this particular franchise given his experience and expertise with the action genre and his mastery in delivering powerful performances on screen. Be it Mission: Impossible or The Witcher, Henry Cavill has time and again proved his sheer ability to captivate his audience and if he is cast as the next Bond, he will be the farthest from being disappointing.

Source: Express UK