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Henry Cavill Said Replacing DC Star Robert Pattinson in $3.3B Franchise “Would Have Been Cool”

Henry Cavill Said Replacing DC Star Robert Pattinson in $3.3B Franchise "Would Have Been Cool"

The Twilight Saga is regarded as one of the most successful vampire fantasy movie franchises over the years. The vampire romance series led the actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to the epitome of fame and success. The duo became teen idols with the release of the movie, and needless to say that the fan following of the Twilight franchise is massive.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

The romance-fantasy franchise is based on the book series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. The movies did exceptionally well at the box office, and the series grossed over $3.4 billion worldwide. As per a recent report, the author of the movie wished to cast Man of Steel star Henry Cavill instead of Robert Pattinson.

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Is Henry Cavill jealous of Robert Pattinson for playing the lead in Twilight?

Henry Cavill appeared in the Happy Sad Confused podcast a few days back, where he was told an interesting fact about Twilight. The actor was completely taken aback when he realized that the Twilight series author originally wanted him to play the lead role of Edward Cullen in the vampire movie. However, as we all know, the role was given to Robert Pattinson, who ultimately soared to the heights of success with his role in the movie franchise.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

On being asked if the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star was jealous of Pattinson for bagging the part, he said,

“No, not at all, because I didn’t know about the movie. I didn’t know about them wanting to cast me.”

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

He revealed that he was completely unaware of the fact that he was even considered for the role. He shared in the podcast,

“The internet wasn’t quite as wasn’t quite the tool that it is now,” the actor added. “So, yeah, I only found out afterward and I was like, ‘Oh, okay, that would have been cool.’ “

In July 2007, Twilight author Meyer had written in her blog that she had lost her perfect Edward as she wished Henry Cavill for the role. For the uninitiated, Meyers had no say over the film’s casting decisions.

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Did Henry Cavill audition against Robert Pattinson in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

It was not just once that Robert Pattinson was chosen over Henry Cavill for pivotal roles. As per reports, both dashing actors, Henry Cavill and Robert Pattinson auditioned for the role of Cedric Diggory in another superhit franchise Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Robert Pattinson was selected by the casting team and was seen in the fantasy movie.

Cavill told host Josh Horowitz,

“Yes, I remember that. I definitely auditioned for that one and I did not get it. The audition may have gone well, it may have gone terribly, I’m sure someone out there has footage which hopefully is locked away and never will be seen.”

Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson

He added that he didn’t get the role, and it wasn’t right.

Henry Cavill made a surprise superhero cameo in Black Adam, which has raised expectations about him playing the role of Clark Kent again. He shared in the podcast that there is a bright future ahead for the character, and he is excited to tell a story with an enormously joyful Superman.

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