‘Internet will explode’: After Henry Cavill’s DCEU Return, Fans Wants Ben Affleck’s Batman to Team Up With Henry Cavill For “Batman and Superman: World’s Finest”

Ben Affleck's Batman to Team Up With Henry Cavill
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The return of Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel might provide the Man of Steel with a marketing chance that Justice League failed to seize on. Several events have fueled speculation that Henry Cavill may reprise his role as Superman in the DCEU. In addition to reports of Cavill attending the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Ben Affleck has returned as Bruce Wayne for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, fueling speculation about Cavill’s comeback.

Man of Steel (2013)
Man of Steel (2013)

However the San Diego Comic-Con speculation circulating Cavill did not come true, the hype surrounding the mere prospect of Cavill appearing was undoubtedly the event’s most popular DC topic. However, it all sparked back when it was reported that Henry Cavill’s superman will feature in a post-credit of Black Adam paving the path for future DCEU projects.

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Fans want a team-up like the World’s Finest

Fans started demanding a Batman and Superman: World’s Finest movie with Henry Cavill‘s return over Twitter. This change was inspired by the famous comic books of the same title featuring both the cape crusaders.

Batman & Superman: World's Finest
Batman & Superman: World’s Finest

The series began as a 96-page quarterly compilation, with individual stories featuring DC characters, always including Superman and Batman. Comics historian Les Daniels said, “pairing Superman and Batman made sense financially, since the two were DC’s most popular heroes”.



When superheroes went out of favor in the early 1950s, DC reduced the size of the publication to that of the rest of its production, leaving only enough space for one tale; as a result, starting with World’s Finest Comics #71, Superman and Batman appeared in the same narrative together (July 1954). 

The title frequently featured Batman getting superpowers in order to avoid being overshadowed by Superman. Lex Luthor and the Joker originally teamed together. Later in #142, a new supervillain, the Composite Superman, was introduced (June 1964).


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How will Warner Bros pull off bringing in Henry Cavill’s Superman back?

Superman Returns, released in 2006, was the first Superman film in two decades, and the trailers and marketing for the film emphasized this at every opportunity. The title was an overt reminder that Kal-El hadn’t been seen in a cinema since Christopher Reeve’s Superman, and the angle taken before its release was one of the people welcoming a returning hero. Regardless of the commercial underperformance of Superman Returns, Cavill returning as Superman would have a similar template that the DCEU could easily follow.

Henry Cavill
Fans demand Henry Cavill as Superman

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The desire for Cavill to return as the Man of Steel is a continuation of the protracted campaign for the release of the Snyder Cut and the ongoing requests for the SnyderVerse to be fully restored. 

When and how Henry Cavill will reappear as the Last Son of Krypton (a Batman and Superman: World’s Finest interlude narrative would be a particularly good choice) is ultimately up to Warner Bros. Discovery. Nonetheless, with evident excitement for Cavill’s comeback as Superman. For now, let’s cherish the moment when we finally get Henry Cavill back in the DCEU with a Black Adam face-off, to begin with.

Black Adam will be released in theatres on Friday, October 21.


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