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‘Mission: Impossible’ Star Henry Cavill Talks ‘Man Of Steel’ Sequel

The star of MisHenry Cavill as the Man Of Steel

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice released in 2016 fans have been constantly begging Warner Bros. and Henry Cavill for answers about when they will get to finally see a second solo outing for everyone’s favorite Kryptonian. Unfortunately, the studio has been silent lately and has occasionally teased about it since then, but nothing concrete has ever surfaced to confirm whether we are going to get a Man of Steel 2. However, Superman himself, Henry Cavill has recently weighed in on the possibility after taking to Twitter to tease fans on the 80 year old icon’s next appearance.

Recently, Fandango’s Erik Davis had a chance to interview Cavill during the current press tour for the upcoming Mission Impossible – Fallout, which stars Cavill opposite Tom Cruise. During this interview Davis did get an answer from Cavill about the heavily requested Man of Steel sequel. Upon being asked this question, Cavill responded by saying the following:

“I can say this… it is highly likely we will see another Superman movie somewhere between 2019 and 2045.”

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Now while this isn’t a really accurate time-frame about when we could get another Superman film, it is still pleasant to see that Henry Cavill has a sense of humor and optimism about getting to put the cape on again after Justice League. While he and fans may not know exactly when Man of Steel 2 is coming, we can only hope that Warner Bros. does listen to the feedback surrounding the character and the current state of the DC Extended Universe post-Justice League. 

One thing that is for certain though is that Cavill is still interested in reprising the role, as he has said previously. In an interview with Collider, Cavill stated the following:

“It is very much in my desire to do a Man of Steel 2, a direct sequel to Man of Steel, and there is a whole bunch of Superman story that I want to tell. There is a whole style of Superman’s character that I’m very keen to tell and I’m looking forward to the opportunity.” 

He also said that he is in active conversations with people behind-the-scenes to make the dreams of fans everywhere come true.

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For the moment though we only have rumors and predictions about when we could see a follow-up to Zack Snyder’s 2013 superhero epic, which has yet to even select a director. Previously, it was suggested that Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller was approached to direct it, but that is seemingly false. Other likely candidates such as X-Men: First Class’ Matthew Vaughn did confirm that they were speaking with Warner Bros. executives about a project, but it was never specified if it was a direct follow-up to Man of Steel and the studio has yet to announce a director for the solo outing. At best we can once again hope that Warner Bros. Pictures will give us news surrounding the film at the Hall H Panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018.

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for Man of Steel 2? Let us know in the comments below!

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