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Henry Cavill Was Left Devastated After Gina Carano Breakup, Dated Trophy Hunter Marisa Gonzalo Who Leaked Intimate Photos of Superman Star for Cheap Fame

Henry Cavill Was Left Devastated After Gina Carano Breakup, Dated Trophy Hunter Marisa Gonzalo Who Leaked Intimate Photos of Superman Star for Cheap Fame

The Henry Cavill of today is a very differently perceived celebrity than the one he had been a decade ago. Still learning to navigate and climb the social ranks in Hollywood back then, the blue-eyed British actor became the candidate and an easy target for producers and casting directors alike for his skills in front of the lens and an overall, genuine affability.

However, with that kind of skill and exposure also comes the harsher aspect of reality and fame – devices that have made and broken many a talented up-and-comer over the years. But among everything that could go horribly sideways, love remains a common denominator that has sent far too many people spiraling down a path of bad choices and unexpected trajectories.

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano pose with Man of Steel co-star Amy Adams
(L to R) Amy Adams, Henry Cavill, Gina Carano

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The Rise and Sudden Fall of Henry Cavill x Gina Carano

The relationship between Henry Cavill and Gina Carano had been a definitive marker of celebrity couple both on the rise in the industry’s horizons. With Carano already being accorded the title of the face of women’s MMA by then – one that she has insistently and repeatedly denied – and Cavill beginning to get the hang of the Hollywood shindigs with DC and Snyder at his back, the pair were on the verge of being hailed a power couple, at the very least – and one that was completely in love.

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano
Henry Cavill and Gina Carano

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Insiders had reveled in the pair’s company and sources close to them had only good things to say about Cavill and Carano being together. But, the break-up in 2013 followed by an eventual patch-up was only short-lived. Gina Carano and Henry Cavill finally parted ways for good in 2014 at the peak of the latter’s fame who then launched a string of relationships that lasted from 13 days to 3 years. One of Cavill’s numerous relationships was with the trophy hunter Marisa Gonzalo.

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano Breakup Leads to Messy Affair

The new relationship that had been criticized – if not for Marisa Gonzalo’s profession, then for her being the one to replace Cavill’s great love, Gina Carano – was fated to end on a bad note after private pictures of the two began to leak online for the entirety of the Superman actor’s relationship with Gonzalo. Eventually, fans who were already opposed to the idea of Henry Cavill dating a trophy hunter began to propose the idea of Gonzalo being the one to leak their photos for 15 minutes of fame.

The rumor didn’t pan out too well for the latter when Marisa Gonzalo, after her breakup with Henry Cavill, deleted her social media accounts to protect herself from the haunting paparazzi and prying eyes. Many then took to consider her act as proof of being dumped by Cavill rather than the two calling it quits, and moreover, the theory made sense when the internet sleuths began to put two and two together after the series of leaked pictures from the couple’s vacation.

Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscuso
Henry Cavill and Natalie Viscusol

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Although Henry Cavill’s chain of fleeting relationships has almost been considered a rite of passage to move on from Gina Carano, the Hollywood A-lister now couldn’t be happier and prouder to call Natalie Viscuso his partner, in life as well as work. Currently, the couple has ended their negotiations with Amazon to begin the arduous (and hopefully, successful) journey to bringing alive the Warhammer Cinematic Universe at the streamer.

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