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Henry Cavill Was So Madly in Love and Desperate To Play James Bond He Bought a Limited Edition ‘007’ Aston Martin Right After ‘Man of Steel’ – Only 50 Such Cars Were Made

Henry Cavill Was So Madly in Love and Desperate To Play James Bond He Bought a Limited Edition '007' Aston Martin Right After 'Man of Steel' - Only 50 Such Cars Were Made

Celebrities lead an extravagant lifestyle, there is no doubt about that. From going on luxurious vacations to living in huge mansions with a swimming pool, they sure know how to spend the money they earn through all their hard work. Every celebrity has that one thing that made them splurge their paycheck for the first time and so does Henry Cavill.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

 While we best know Henry Cavill for playing Superman and being a super geek, he started off his journey in Hollywood with the 2001 movie, Laguna. There sure were a few splurges here and there while he was rising to fame, however, the first big purchase made by Henry Cavill came after a huge movie and was a classic – a limited edition Aston Martin DBS. 

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Henry Cavill’s First Big Purchase

Henry Cavill boasts a huge car collection
Henry Cavill boasts a huge car collection

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Appearing for an interview with ShortList magazine, Henry Cavill was asked about where his first big wage was spent. Cavill replied stating that while he did spend the money, it wasn’t on anything super expensive. He added that he would go to fancy nightclubs and get table service but that was about it for a period of time.

“I mean, sure there are times when after a bit of pay you go to a fancy nightclub and get table service and spend silly amounts of money on alcohol, which would cost about 40 quid in the shop.”

He did let the outlet in on his first big purchase which was an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera OHMSS Edition. One of the coolest things about the purchase is that only fifty such cars were made. What’s even more intriguing is that the car was seen on the big screen in a James Bond film – Casino Royale. Simply being linked to James Bond’s name adds more cool points to an already cool vehicle. While Cavill did not spend his first paycheck on the car, it was the first thing he bought after Man of Steel became a success. He told ShortList magazine, “I treated myself, eventually. After a few years of decent pay packages. I gota very snazzy car. An Aston Martin DBS.” 

And “snazzy” it is! The car boasts a powerful V12 engine and a speed of 211 MPH. Well, Cavill already has the car, all we need now is for him to officially jump on the 007 bandwagon. The car is only one of the many owned by the actor.

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Is Henry Cavill Going to be James Bond?

James Norton
James Norton

After losing out on The Witcher’s Geralt of Rivia and DCU’s Superman, almost side by side, Cavill’s fans were hoping and praying that the actor gets to play the iconic James Bond. While the Enola Holmes actor is a fan-favorite pick to play the character, we aren’t sure that will be happening. 

Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson sure has the odds in his favor however, it looks like another actor is rising up the list. Happy Valley’James Norton seems to be getting the support of punters to play the role of 007. Coral stated, “We are set for a tense finale of Happy Valley on Sunday evening and as we approach that final episode, punters are backing villain James Norton to become the next James Bond.”

Who will take up the license to kill next? We are desperately waiting to find out! Will it be Taylor-Johnson, Norton or will Cavill defy all the odds to bag the role for himself? Will it be someone completely unexpected? We cannot wait any longer!

Source: ShortList 

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