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“Henry Cavill won’t have the support of Snyder fans”: DC Fans Divided as Henry Cavill Confirms DCU’s Superman Will Be ‘Enormously Joyful’ Unlike Dark and Brooding Snyderverse Version

Henry Cavill Superman

The reason, at least one of the many, behind the world’s fascination with Zack Snyder and Henry Cavill is the former’s ability to dream and the latter’s ability to execute. The director and the actor rose together in the aftermath of DCEU’s origin. And the Superman of that universe was a creation that rivaled even the infamous solitary moodiness of Batman.

After years of separation and grueling wait, as Henry Cavill steps back into the DC franchise universe once again as the Man of Steel, a faction of the fans find it hard to celebrate the news. Man of Steel 2 is not the Superman that we once knew — it’s a shade happier.

Man of Steel 2
DC confirms Man of Steel 2

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Henry Cavill’s Return in Man of Steel 2 Divides Fan Opinions

For a long time, the SnyderVerse has remained in a tangible limbo, neither completely dead nor alive. But Henry Cavill‘s return sets the record straight after his confirmed return in 2022’s biggest DC blockbuster, Black Adam. It was no easy feat for The Rock to go above and beyond his duty to haul back the beloved foundation of DCEU and give the audience the long-awaited Cavill in red and blue. And as much as the fans love him for that, the news that follows is seemingly bad enough to divide the pre-existent fanbase right down the center.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

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The release of Black Adam and its consequent success was followed by explosive news of several projects at work in the DC Films department of Warner Bros. Discovery. One of those projects includes Man of Steel 2 starring Henry Cavill as the titular superhero. But the problem here is the return of Superman as an obeisance soldier-like character existing in a happy place that makes our titular hero directly contrast the Superman that Zack Snyder had left behind in his wake.

SnyderVerse Fans in a Fix After Return of Joyful Superman

Henry Cavill's Superman in the aftermath of General Zod's murder
SnyderVerse’s troubled Superman to step out in favor of a more joyful one

During a live taping of the Happy Sad Confused podcast with MTV’s Josh Horowitz, Henry Cavill spoke about his upcoming Man of Steel 2 film with love and said of his role:

“How you guys expressed it is exactly how I feel. The character means so much to me. It’s been five years now, and quite rightly, otherwise I probably shouldn’t deserve to wear the cape but I never gave up hope and it’s amazing to be here now talking about it again. There is such a bright future ahead for the character. I’m so excited to tell a story with an enormously joyful Superman.”

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The part which stuck with the fans is that the Superman of the new DC hierarchy will be an “enormously joyful” one. And while the fandom that awaited the revival of the brooding SnyderVerse version does not know how to react to that, others are perfectly alright with being able to witness the impossible and momentous return of Henry Cavill as Superman on the big screen.

With so many factors now involved in the production and development of Man of Steel 2, it is perhaps enough to be thankful for, as of now. But given Walter Hamada’s exit and so much happening at the WBD management, it might not be so horrible to see where the new story takes us. After all, Henry Cavill did get to choose which suit he wanted to wear for his grand comeback and he chose the one most joyously sentimental of them all.

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