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‘Henry Cavill as X-Men’s Beast would be dope’: Henry Cavill’s MCU Debut Rumours Set Internet Ablaze as X-Men Fans Believe He’s Perfect for Playing This X-Men Hero

Henry Cavill’s MCU Debut Rumours Set Internet Ablaze as X-Men Fans Believe He’s Perfect for Playing This X-Men Hero

Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill has been a hot topic on the internet for several casting rumors, one of which is his possible Marvel Cinematic Universe debut. Whichever Marvel hero he is going to play is the mystery, although, fans are adamant to witness him join the X-Men franchise.

Man of Steel Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill in Man of Steel

It has been some time since Cavill appeared in a comic book movie, having debuted as Superman in Man of Steel in 2013 and his last DC Extended Universe project, Justice League. To add to everyone’s frustration, no one knows if he will ever dip into these waters again. Many are still hoping the actor will make a comeback in the DCEU franchise.

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Henry Cavill’s MCU Debut Manifested In Stunning Fan Art

With all these uncertain projects, Cavill is rumored to be bound for the rival universe, the MCU. In fact, many speculate that the actor will make a surprise appearance in the upcoming Marvel Studios’ D23 panel. People have been fan-casting The Witcher star as several Marvel heroes, and the most popular bets are Hyperion, Captain Britain, and Beast.

henry cavill beast
Henry Cavill as X-Men’s Beast fan art by @Spdrmnkyxxiii

For X-Men fans, they believe Henry Cavill would make the perfect Beast. A stunning piece of art posted by @Spdrmnkyxxiii on Instagram showed the Superman actor turned into X-Men’s brilliant genetic researcher, Dr. Henry Philip “Hank” McCoy.

Fans went crazy upon seeing this fan cast, and it was evident that they all agreed Cavill should land the role. Heroic Hollywood shared this on Twitter and here are some of the fans’ responses:

Twitter user @jordnjnes says he could visualize Cavill taking up the role and he thinks it’s a dope choice, while @tobibabyboi believes it could be improved (whether it’s the artwork or the actor, we don’t know). Another fan @WorkerB3e says it’s perfect casting, and @Kibet98 thinks it’s a great artwork concept.

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More Exciting Roles Lined Up For The Actor

Hank McCoy, or Beast, is a mutant with unusually large hands and feet that can transform himself into a blue-skinned creature. He was a former student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. The character was portrayed by Kelsey Grammer in 2006 and Nicholas Hoult in 2016.

Henry Cavill Hyperion Loki
Henry Cavill as Hyperion in new Loki fan art

Based on the artwork circulating on social media, Cavill definitely looks the part. In another rumor, the actor is also a strong contender for the role of Hyperion in the Disney+ series Loki. Many would agree that Cavill’s future career in the MCU if he ever joins the team, looks brighter than a Kryptonite.

X-Men fans will have to work harder and show their support for Henry Cavill to portray Beast as the actor who has a lot of potential roles lined up in the coming years. Aside from Marvel projects, he is also a crowd-favorite choice to lead the James Bond film. Whichever role he lands on, it is certainly quite a hectic year for the actor.

Henry Cavill The Man from UNCLE
Henry Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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Source: Heroic Hollywood

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.