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Henry Cavill’s Claim To James Bond Role Dwindles Further as Venom Star Tom Hardy Beats Superman Actor as the Stronger 007 Contender

Henry Cavill's Claim To James Bond Role Dwindles Further as Venom Star Tom Hardy Beats Superman Actor as the Stronger 007 Contender

The hunt for the next James Bond is currently ongoing with everyone rooting for the actors they believe would do justice to the iconic role. Daniel Craig was the most recent actor to bring 007 to life with his brilliant skills and the world is going to need someone who can reach the bar set by him. Henry Cavill has been a fan-favorite since day one to play James Bond.

Henry Cavill
Henry Cavill

However, it looks like another actor is catching up to Henry Cavill as he increases his odds – Tom Hardy. The Venom star was once a fan-favorite choice to play James Bond but his odds were struggling, falling behind other actors in the run. But, we all know that the odds can turn upside down at any moment and this seems to have happened in Tom Hardy’s case as well as he rises up in the list, almost breathing down Henry Cavill’s neck.

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Tom Hardy Inching Closer to Take Henry Cavill’s Spot

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

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While actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been able to mostly maintain his lead to become the next James Bond, there are other actors who are not too behind, either. Talking about British heartthrob Tom Hardy, was a top choice to play the character back in 2020 and rumors were also flying around about him having meetings regarding the same. These rumors were never confirmed or denied officially.

However, as time went by and fans found other actors to obsess over, Hardy saw his odds decreasing and decreasing. All of that seems to be changing as according to Ladbrokes, the Legend actor is picking up speed, once again. According to the data, Hardy reached fourth place in the list of potential James Bonds with 9/1. This means that actor Regé-Jean Page saw a fall in his odds thanks to Hardy’s rise with just 10/1.

With Hardy’s chances increasing on the list, there is only one actor who stands between him and Henry CavillJames Norton. Norton, with a strong 7/2, saw a boost in his odds after appearing as a villain in Happy Valley. Alex Apati of Ladbrokes previously stated, “James Norton’s portrayal of a sinister character in Happy Valley has convinced punters that he is ready to take on the role of a Hollywood here, in the form of James Bond.”

If Hardy keeps running on the same track, it might not be long before he is breathing right down Cavill’s neck. Will the Venom actor be able to take over Cavill’s spot and will Taylor-Johnson be next on his list? With the constantly changing odds, anything can happen, really!

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Henry Cavill was Almost James Bond

Henry Cavill almost played James Bond
Henry Cavill almost played James Bond

You read that right! The fan-favorite pick for James Bond almost became a reality before the role ultimately went to Daniel Craig. Appearing on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Cavill revealed that it was down to him and Craig for the final verdict. However, owing to making the casting a bit age-appropriate, and possibly other reasons as well, Cavill missed out on the opportunity.

“They told me it was ultimately down to, and this is what I have been told, it was just down to me and Daniel and I was the younger option.”

Even though Cavill lost out on a role he loves, he has nothing but respect for Craig’s talent. He stated that Craig was the right choice for the position. The Man of Steel actor also believes that even though he did not get the role, the audition gave his career a boost. There sure is no bad blood between Cavill and Craig! Who knows, maybe Cavill will be his successor for the role!

Source: Ladbrokes

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