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Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel 2 Reportedly Was Only Possible After Dwayne Johnson Fought With WB for Superman Sequel

the rock in super man 2

Since the past couple of weeks, the internet has been crowded with various rumors about how the Man of Steel, aka Superman is coming back to DC for good. But so far, these rumors had mostly been speculations that lacked any substantial evidence. Until now, that is.

Henry Cavill FandomWire
Cavill in Man of Steel

Henry Cavill is reportedly confirmed to make his comeback as Superman to the DCEU. God has finally answered the prayer of every DC fan, or more like Dwayne Johnson did.

Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel is getting a sequel

Recently, a report from the host of Marvelvision podcast confirmed that the rumors about Henry Cavill‘s Superman re-appearing on screens are indeed true.

Zack Snyder’s 2013 film, Man of Steel starring Cavill as Clark Kent is reportedly getting its highly-anticipated sequel.

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Man of Steel
Henry Cavill reportedly returning for Man of Steel 2

In the past, only a mere possibility of a Man of Steel sequel had been hinted and that too had only surfaced through rumors. It was said to be titled Man of Tomorrow, but the rumors were soon shut down as no vivid progress with regard to the film had taken place.

But now, the prospect of a Man of Steel 2 that had once been only a dream for fans, is apparently turning into reality. And apart from the Marvelvision host, Devin Faraci, an inside source who is also a popular film critic, has confirmed the same.

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The Rock deserves the credit for brining back Henry Cavill to DC

Dwayne Johnson, also famously known as The Rock, is the one who is responsible for being able to pull off Henry Cavill’s return to DC.

Devin Faraci mentioned the same as he said how the lead star of the upcoming movie, Black Adam, was rooting for Cavill and was consistently fighting for his rightful place in the DCEU. “[Johnson] went hard, full court-press on Warner Bros,” Faraci remarked. “And made them go to Henry Cavill with a new deal saying they were gonna develop a new Superman movie.” 

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Henry Cavill FandomWire
The Rock and Henry Cavill

The Red Notice star had been loud and clear about his wish to bring back Cavill on social media platforms as well. He even hinted fans about the same by claiming that DC’s hierarchy power was soon going to change in a rather favorable way.

Johnson had also teased fans about Cavill’s Superman making a comeback when he posted a picture of both of them on his Instagram page a while ago.

Not only was The Rock able to win the English actor back to the DCEU, he also managed to push the case for a Man of Steel sequel, which is nothing if not honorable. It’s as Faraci stated, it was “all because The Rock insisted.” 

Looks like it’s finally time for Cavill to get the mighty cape out of the closet.

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