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Henry Cavill’s The Witcher Cost Netflix $319,000,000 to Make – 3.5X More Than Game of Thrones Season 8

Henry Cavill has a plethora of fans which is obviously due to his outstanding work in the acting industry. He had been the face of DC superhero, Superman since 2013 which eventually came to an end last year. He is also set to say adios to his fantasy series, The Witcher after the third season. But, it looks like the actor is not the only one who put his best work into the series as reports share another interesting fact about the Netflix series.

Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher

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Netflix didn’t hold itself in spending a fortune on the series based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel of the same name. It even crossed the budget of season 8 of the hit series, Game of Thrones.

Henry Cavill’s The Witcher Production Cost!

Henry Cavill in Netflix's The Witcher
Henry Cavill in Netflix’s The Witcher

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Henry Cavill has already won fans’ hearts with his Superman role but watching him as silver-haired Geralt of Rivia for the series which he confessed to being a superfan of exploded his stardom. The show garnered a lot of attention as Netflix announced the project after The Witcher games skyrocketed in the market.

As per Forbes, the streaming giant has revealed to have spent $318.7 million on making the first two seasons and its prequel, The Witcher: Blood Origin. As per the outlet, the first season of the series has been watched by 76 million households in its first four weeks. That feat has surpassed Disney+’s The Mandalorian.

For the unversed, The Witcher was Netflix’s most-watched original series launch, with 541 million hours viewed in its first 28 days before Bridgerton and Squid Game. This new report has pushed Game of Thrones aside which had an insane budget for season 8.


The Production Budget of Season 8 of Game of Thrones!

Game of Thrones
A still from the Game of Thrones

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The 8-season series, Game of Thrones recorded a massive international fanbase which was highly praised for the storyline and complex characters. However, when the last season of the hit HBO series dropped, it received significant backlash for its reduced length and creative decisions.

Regardless of the criticism, it was undeniable that HBO shelled out a major fortune (but not more than Netflix) for the hit fantasy drama. It was reported by Looper that season 8 of the show cost around roughly $90 million in total budget making it the most expensive season of Game of Thrones as well as the shortest season at only six episodes. However, it was not much shocking as the show was still the most expensive television show to have ever been produced before the estimate of season 8 came out.

While GOT‘s finale was not what fans expected, Cavill is going to portray his Geralt of Rivia role for the last time in the upcoming third season. He will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth in the fourth season. The Netflix show will consist of eight episodes which will be released in two volumes on June 29 and July 27, 2023.

Source: Forbes

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