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Hercules vs Thor: Who’s Physically Stronger?

Thor and Hercules are the two God-inspired characters in Marvel comics. While one is more widely known thanks to his MCU adaptation. The two Gods of the Marvel universe are the strongest characters out there. But the question is who is the stronger out of the two strongest characters. They have fought a number of times over the years. But there might be something that would help us decide who would be stronger.

The History of the Gods – Hercules vs. Thor

Thor vs. Hercules - Origin
The origin story of the two Marvel Gods

The two characters have a lot of history and that is just not in Marvel comics. Thor is the Nordic God who was the inspiration of the character. Though, the Marvel Thor is more ancient than the real world Thor. The first time Thor made his debut in the comics was in Journey Into Mystery #83 in 1962. Ever since he has been presented as the strongest Avenger. His ability to throw tanks across countries and lift skyscrapers is just some regular things he can do. He can even level mountains.

Then, Hercules came in a few years after in the Marvel Universe. And who hasn’t heard the tales of the Greek God, Hercules himself? The Marvel character inspired by him was first introduced in Avenger #10 in 1964. He is the Prince of Powers with some impressive capabilities too. He is canon so it means that he really lifted the sky. And he also beat Abomination in a single low, even Hulk called him the strongest.

The Clashes between Hercules and Thor

Thor vs. Hercules - Clashes
The clashes between the two Gods

As already mentioned the two have fought a number of battles, both classic and modern-day. In Journey Into Mysteries Annual #1, the fans saw the first Hercules vs. Thor battle. It was sadly intervened by Zeus. It was said that it was a draw and the two are evenly matched. Then the two fought the second time in Thor #126, where the fight took really crazy turns. Showed us what a battle between Gods looks like. It had buildings and dump trucks being thrown at each other. In this fight, Hercules won.

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And the third time happened in Thor #221, with no clear result, though Thor had an upper hand in this battle. In the modern-day battles, Thor has an upper hand. When two do nothing more than some casual arm wrestling, it can throw planets off their orbits. But in the recent fight in Thor: Blood Oath, he seemed to be winning but that was because he used his thunder. And we all agree with Hercules when he calls it cheating.

Who is stronger? – Hercules vs. Thor

Hercules is stronger in Hercules vs Thor battles
Hercules is physically stronger than Thor

Though, the two have their different tales and abilities. But when it comes to comparing them to physical strength, the world would be in favor of Hercules. This is simply because he is the only conclusive winner of a battle. It was the only time when a battle was fought without intervening or using any underhand superpowers.

In fact, there is another storyline that supports the conclusion. In Civil War, Thor’s clone, Ragnarok makes fun of his reputation. But Hercules beats him and uses his hammer to do so, for the honor of his partner. So it is quite easy to conclude that he is the winner in the battle of Thor vs. Hercules when it comes to physical strength.


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