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7 Best Games To Ever Release On PlayStation 4

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The PlayStation 4 has been out for almost six years and with that period of time came a lot of amazing games. While there are talks of the yet to be titled PlayStation 5 and what we can expect from it, let’s focus on the PS4. So, here’s my 7 favorite games to come out on the PlayStation 4. Keep in mind, other than The Last of Us, this list is not put into any specific order as it was too hard for me to put them in order.

The Last of Us

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Starting off the list with a PlayStation exclusive and also my favorite game of all time. It was the year 2014 when I was considering whether to get an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. It was quite a difficult decision that became all too simple when I heard about The Last of Us. This title alone convinced me to buy what I would now consider to be my favorite game of all time. The story, characters and the world are all elements that allowed me to fall in love with this game. However, the simple yet beautiful moments of bonding between Joel and Ellie are what really made this game an experience to remember.

Life is Strange

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When Life is Strange first came out I hadn’t really cared for it. In fact, I remember thinking the art style was sort of boring. However, I judged the game unfairly as I had only judged it by one trailer I had seen. After playing this beautiful game, it quickly made its way onto my list of favorite games. The art style fit the narrative of this game perfectly and allowed for some really beautiful moments. The characters are what struck me the most. I hadn’t expected to love Max and Chloe as much as I ended up and it was very hard for me to let these characters go when I completed the game. Personally, what made me love this game so much is how human every character felt, as well as the way this game plays with your emotions and forces you to care about Max and Chloe.

The Witcher 3

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When people used to ask me what my favorite RPG game was, I would be hesitant towards answering. I was first properly introduced to the RPG genre with Skyrim and I absolutely loved that game. I still do. When the Witcher 3 came out I hadn’t paid much attention to it. However, after spending many hours with this game, it quickly became my favorite RPG yet. What made this game so unique though wasn’t just the world but the way every quest had a purpose. The choices had massive consequences, side quests connect to the main story and I absolutely loved my connection with Geralt. It’s important to note that the open-world is astonishing and is like nothing I’ve ever seen in a video game.


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Man, Insomniac deserve so much credit for their hard work. This is one of those characters that puts so much pressure on anyone that works on him. Insomniac did something incredible when they made this game. The game utilizes characters that are extremely important to Spider-Man mythos and does it so well. You can see the hard work in the well written narrative but also in the way that every character develops. From Miles Morales to Peter Parker to Doc Ock. This game does justice to these iconic characters. Let’s not forget the greatly crafted web-swinging, as well as the visually appealing open-world. This quickly became my favorite Spider-Man game yet and the game left me very excited for what is to come next in the sequel.

Red Dead Redemption 2

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I know… I know. This game has received endless praise but it’s only because it is worth the praise it gets. Unlike most people who played this game, I hadn’t finished the first game. For me this was the first real introduction to the series and it was something special. Playing as Arthur Morgan gave me a sense of understanding of what it means to be someone who is lost. I sympathized so much with Arthur and I grew to love him as I witnessed him develop from being an outlaw to a man who wanted to do better. However, it wasn’t just him. Sadie, Lenny, Charlie, John Marston and so many more were stand out characters. On top of the great storytelling and the outstanding characters, the game also gives you a world that feels lived in. The world truly feels alive and constantly reacting to you and the things you do. A truly great game all around.

Until Dawn

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Now, this is one of those games that you won’t see on many of these kind of lists. However, this game did something for me. It forced me to try and save characters I hated. Weird, right? What this game does so well is that it doesn’t try to make you love every main character. Instead, it makes you hate certain characters but it plays with your humanity. After all, no one deserves to die just because they’re somewhat mean. Until Dawn really forces a connection between the player and every character as you try to save each one from their doom. By the way, choices matter here. I mean they really matter. This wasn’t some Telltale game where choices don’t always matter. No, everything you do is a choice that could ruin anything or might just save you. I’m a huge horror fan and while this never actually scared me, it was still a very fun slasher/thriller game.

God of War

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When I started playing God of War for the first time, I actually didn’t finish it. I had started the game at a time when I was busy but I’ve recently had the chance to play it all over and finish it. One of the highest anticipated games of 2018 and it truly lived up to the very high expectations set by fans of the series. This wasn’t just a game, much like The Last of Us, for me this was an experience. God of War did many things correctly. It was with no doubt one of, if not the most stunning looking game of 2018. The combat system was extremely fun with the game providing some of the best boss battles I’ve played yet. However, what the game strives off most is the relationship between Kratos and Atreus. It wasn’t a perfect relationship, far from it actually. The father and son dynamic was an addition that most people didn’t expect and what made it work is the innocence and naivety of Atreus, mixed with the hardened Kratos.

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And there it is, my list of favorite games on the PlayStation 4 so far. This really wasn’t an easy one to make as there are so many more games that I wanted to mention. However, I felt a list of 7 games was just right for me. It’s important to note that there are many games to come this year that may force me to alter my list once again.

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