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Here’s A Better Look At Robert Pattinson’s New Batmobile In Daylight

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Latest photos from director Matt Reeves’ The Batman surface, revealing the looks on the Caped Crusader’s Batmobile in daylight.

Source: Daily Mail

Warner Bros. Pictures recently released the first teaser of the upcoming ‘The Batman’ movie at the DC FanDome virtual event. With second long glimpses at the caped crusader’s ride, not much could be seen or perceived about the specs of the vehicle. As the cast and crew behind The Batman are gearing up to resume the film’s production, new photos offer an explicit look at Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile.

The photos posted by Daily Mail showed the crew unloading Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile onto an airfield to conduct a test drive before the production of The Batman resumed. It looks like the Gotham City’s Guardian won’t be bringing many passengers in his ride since the car seemed to have only got two doors. Check out the pictures below:

One of Batman’s defining gadget, the Batmobile has surely undergone many changes over the years. This is the first time that the Batmobile is seen in broad daylight. A year long research and development of the caped crusader’s vehicle has resulted in an American muscle type car. With the design given a “homemade” feel to it, the aesthetics suit well to the timeline Batman is set in. There are heavy customizations visible and the photos also give a great look at young Bruce Wayne’s rocket engine ride which is fitted with a mid-mounted V-8 rocket booster to spit flames.

Matt Reeves and the leading man of the film, Robert Pattison have said before that this Batman is unlike any other we’ve seen in the past and would be wholly different compared to Chris Nolan’s version. This young Bruce Wayne is just getting started in his vigilante business and, as such, he’s bound to make mistakes, he’s full of exasperation and lacks all the weapons and gadgetry that we’ve seen in the previous Batman films. The Batmobile is bound to reflect all of that.

In addition to the new Batmobile, fans await to see what The Batman does with his take on Gotham City’s cast of characters. The Riddler‘s sippets in the teaser already has us fans hyped. Zoë Kravitz will be starring as Catwoman and Colin Farrell’s unrecognizable character of Penguin will leave no void in the film. According to Reeves, the film is set around the origin story of the villains of Gotham City. It’s still early, but Robert Pattinson’s rendition of The Batman has already made us fallen in love with the young Bruce Wayne.

We will learn more about the vehicle when the new Batman movie advances towards its release date, which will be somewhere around October 2021.


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