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Here’s How The Avengers Would Have Looked Like If They Had Comic Accurate Suits

Marvel’s Costume Designs are something beyond everyone’s imagination. Either its Iron-man’s suits or even the simplest ones like Doctor Strange or Hwakeye are truly stunning and marvel knows how to adapt comic books into live action. Let us take Hawkeye for example, in the comics Hawkeye wears a mask to prevent his identity, but his mask has not been adapted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a good reason. But still fans can imagine how our Avengers would look like if they had comic book accurate suits. So Scroll down to find out!

1 Hawkeye:

Hawkeye is played by Jeremy Renner in the MCU and he really gave justice to the character though he did not had the comic book accurate suit, which I’m pretty much sure fans won’t have liked it either. But Marvel gave him 3 other cool suits in all the films he was in. First was the long coat version he wore in Age of Ultron. Then the Civil War suit, and lastly he wore the sickass Ninja costume aka the Ronin suit in Endgame.

2 Thor:

One thing Marvel did right was not giving Thor his comic book accurate Helmet. Eventually the helmet was there in Ragnarok but it looked way classier than the comic. Although Chris Hemsworth could have pulled off the helmet quite well, but in the end it might have led to more jokes from Tony and the memers globally.

Credit to @accurate.mcu

3 Captain America:

Even when Marvel did the comic accurate Captain America suit, it didn’t look as stupid and cheap as the comics. Rather Marvel created something more intresting giving Steve Rogers a depth in his costume. Like in Captain America: The First Avenger the jacket along with a military helmet was really a great work. Throughout his MCU movies Chris Evens has got the most amazing suits.

Credit to @accurate.mcu

4 Ant-Man:

Hash! It’s pretty good that Ant-man didn’t had his weird helmet in the movies. This is the best part of marvel they are aware of where to leave the comic behind and embrace the modern world. Though the comic book helmet was shown in the movie as the 1970 section of the time Heist.

5 Iron Man:

Iron-man’s suits have looked a lot weird if they had been comic book accurate. Though his last suit i.e. Mark 85 was inspired from the comic book but Marvel made their changes by making it look as advance as possible. There was once’s a comic accurate Iron-man suit his cave Armor which word really well for his origin story. But after that his suits were not anything like the comics.

Credit to @accurate.mcu

6 Falcon:

Thank God Falcon didn’t have his cheap comic book accurate costume. His MCU suits are gradually evolving, with time. First the basic militarized version then the Grey & Red colour one and soon he will be getting the comic accurate colours in the upcoming series.

Credit to @accurate.mcu

7 Scarlet Witch:

Scarlet’s suits have been constantly changing and getting better in every movie she has been in. Since Age Of Ultron she just appeared in a jacket but in Infinity War & Endgame she had a cool spin at her dress, but soon her comic accurate Scarlet Witch suit is going to be in the MCU series.

Credit to @accurate.mcu

8 Vision:

Vision’s suit in the MCU has got a different much better looking suit, Though Marvel has not yet added the collar onto the cape, but hopefully in the future Marvel may give him that comic book accurate collar.

Source: Vansh Mehra, @accurate.mcu

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