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Here’s How These 12 Movie Villains Looked In Their comics

Villains of a movie are the essential part of it as they are the once who have this dream of conquering the world and are the ones who get their ass kicked at the end of the day by Superheroes. It is usual that movie creators make these villains on the basis of different things that they take inspiration from. Some of these villains are created not only to elevate the depth of the movie but also the actors who portray these characters, give an extra-ordinary performance that wins the heart of millions of Fans, for example Heath Ledger’ Joker is loved by many worldwide. Some of these villains that are below on the list were made on innovative decisions, to keep them in line as the way they were illustrated in the comic books. So here are 12 movie villains and how they looked in the comics.

1. Thanos:

2. Deacon Frost:

3. Hela:

4. Ronan the Accuser:

5. Justin Hammer:

6. Grigori Rasputin:

7. God of war Ares:

8. Erik Kilmonger:

9. Joker:

10. Dr. Octopus:

11. Magneto:

12. Loki:







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