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Here’s How These Marvel Characters Looked Like In Their Comics.

Since Kevin Feige started to adapt Marvel Comic Books into Marvel movies, since 2007, he has been nailing in the job. Weather it’s the story-line or the extra-ordinary costumes that were the exact adaption of the comic but a better version of them. Kevin has taken each step carefully to make sure that the characters in the movies must look like their comic book counterpart. From the selection of actors and actress who would be perfect for the role of specific characters to their costume designs. The actors that were casted for the role were a proper fit for their roles, Like Robert Downey, Jr. who played Iron-Man made sure to look like the comics RDJ, which made fans believe he was meant to play the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist Tony Stark. So today at Fandom Wire We have compiled some of the characters from the Marvel Universe to have a look at how these characters look in their comics. Scroll Down to find out more!!

#18 Vision(Paul Bettany):

#17 Mantis(Pom Klementieff):

#16 Hawkeye(Jeremy Renner):

#15 Thor(Chris Hemsworth):

#14 Loki(Tom Hiddleston):

#13 Black Panther( Chadwick Boseman):

#12 Ant-man(Paul Rudd):

#11 Aunt May(Marisa Tomei):

#10 Ancient One(Tilda Swinton):

#9 Scarlett Witch(Elizabeth Olsen):

#8 Gamora(Zoe Saldana):

#7 Bucky Barnes(Sebastian Stan):

#6 The Grandmaster(Jeff Goldblum):

#5 Groot(Vin Diesel):

#4 Valkyrie(Tessa Thompson):

#3 Heimdall(Idris Elba):

#2 Captain America(Chris Evans):

#1 Iron Man(Robert Downey, Jr.):


Photos Via: marvelaccurate.mcu/instagram


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