Here’s The Best Way Forward For Aang’s Story In The Last Airbender

Here's The Best Way Forward For Aang's Story In The Last Airbender
Here's The Best Way Forward For Aang's Story In The Last Airbender

The story of Avatar: The Last Airbender may have ended with the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai at the hands of Aang but now the viewers may finally get to see the Gaang as adults. This comes in after Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko – the original creators of Avatar – have announced the debut of Avatar Studios which will further expand the franchise into more television series and films. As we know, there are still many options for stories yet to be explored like the Avatar after Korra or a possible adaptation of Kyoshi Avatar novels but the creators may also continue with new adventures of Aang through a show depicting his adult life.

Will fans finally see an adult version of Aang?

The Last Airbender
Will fans see an adult version of Aang?

Until now, viewers have only seen the adult version of Aang in some flashback scenes in the Legend of Korra where her birth as Avatar required the death and reincarceration of Aang. The comics have also gone on to continue Aang’s story but only in the years following the end of the series. In the few minutes of his screen time, we see Aang as a fully-realized avatar fighting against Yakone which was a sight to cherish for many fans. We also see more characters from the Gaang appearing in Korra but the story barely dwelled on their lives after the ending of The Last Airbender.

A new show around the adult years of Aang may be the perfect new ground for the franchise as none of the shows have featured adult years of the Avatars yet. In the past, Korra and Aang were still very young when they were forced into conflict by their villains. However, viewers have witnessed the powers of past Avatars like Roku and Kyoshi who can remake the world around them by mastering the elements.

Huge Gaps To Be Filled In The Stories of Avatar Soon

Zuko in the Last Airbender
Zuko in The Legend Of Korra

Focusing on the adult life of Aang will also enable the show to answer a few questions about Sokka’s adult life as he died prior to the events of the Legend of Korra. We have already seen fans debating about the parentage of at least two characters’ children – Zuko and Troph’s daughters, Suyin and Izumi – whose other parent is yet to be revealed on the show. This also means that the huge gaps that exist in the stories of Avatar can now be finally filled in.

While fans must be excited to see the new chapters of Aang’s story, they might also be treated with new characters entering a new phase of their lives. The Last Airbender has left fans longing for more since its finale sixteen years ago and the wait might be over finally.

Written by Ryan Lee