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Here’s What Superheroes Do When They’re Not Saving The World

When they’re at work smashing the evil-doers, it’s a lot fun to watch them. But have you ever given a thought to what superheroes do when they have a day off and are by themselves? I bet you have! Chilean cartoonist Karlo Ferdon turned this imagine of his into animation and created for us what seems like the everyday life of superheroes.

Check out the hilarious struggles superheroes run into and the silly challenges they faceeveryday:


1. Spider-man is probably playing Itsy-Bitsy Spider on his harp

2. Well, that explains how Bruce Wayne makes so much money. Somebody come get him!

3. Well, he needs it because he wears his boots in the water too…

4. Not even the pandemic is gonna stop Joker from tricking Batman

5. I think the dentist pulled out the wrong tooth…

6. Nothing here just Kypto being the good boi he is

7. Not everyone can heal as fast Wolverine, some need bandaids too.

8. The shield can be used to protect a lot of other things as well…

9. When Dr. Banners realized he had been turning it the wrong way…

10. If you want Hellboy to get a little romantic, be ready to bear a solid volcanic stoned arm on your shoulder

11. Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man can help you in drying clothes as well

12. Sometimes they get a little suspicious when he’s sweating in his white shirt…

13. Nobody, I repeat, nobody beats The Thing at making self-portraits…

14. Wonder Woman can be really good at raking her yard but her neighbors have a lot of complaints.

15. Granny is gonna vacuum under anything and everything

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16. Hulk has a personal Wolvscratcher because that’s what friends do

17. Doesn’t matter if you’re Superman, you can not disturb a cat if she’s sleeping on you, and that’s the law!

18. I’m pretty sure you can hear the “Aaahhhh” starting deep and grumbly, and ending normally.

19. Now that’s one good use of your superpower to make money…

20. Hulk smash, Hulk save environment, Hulk wholesome!!

21. There’s something fishy here, maybe he’s flying down to win this edition of Batman V Superman

22. Who knew Wonderwoman and Electra could be so wholesome together?!

23. Green Lantern knows some tricks to play at parties…

24. Seems like Spock will never be able to do the Vulcan salute again

25. Scott Summers has either turned too old or he needs v(eye)gra…

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26. You can not take the Superman out of Superman

27. Bender is so similar to the 1977 Iron Man

28. This one-way plexiglass helmet is fit for other uses too

29. Man Spider, Man Spider, does whatever a human can… Watching movies and eating junk food, that is…

30. In a parallel universe, Nick Fury pressed the wrong button…


What else do you think superheroes do in their leisure time? Tell us in the comment section!

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Written by Muneer

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