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Here’s When The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Takes Place In MCU’s Timeline


After WandaVision, we’re all eagerly looking forward to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Its first episode has had some great early reactions and we’ve got some stunning revelations from the press junket. One of those revelations tells us when exactly The Falcon and the Winter Soldier takes place in MCU’s timeline. WandaVision was set just 3 weeks after Avengers: Endgame. But the timeline isn’t the same for Sam and Bucky’s upcoming story.


In a recent interview with Collider, series director Kari Skogland spoke about the specific time frame of the series. She mentioned that getting the timeline right was “absolutely critical.” Unlike WandaVision, Sam and Bucky’s narrative takes place 6 months after the blip. That’s about 5 months after WandaVision and 2 months before Spider-Man: Far From Home. What’s great is that it will explore the ramifications of the blip in a much more intricate fashion, compared to the last two MCU projects.


Here’s what Skogland had to say:

“Everything narratively was informed by that event for us. It meant that we’re just past the shock of it. We’re just past the joy of it — because we’re imagining that there would be a lot of joy, in people returning. Now we’re into the reality of it, which is complicated. With half the population Blipped away, you’ve got different economic circumstances, different border circumstances. Different countries were cooperative, that weren’t before. Neighbors are cooperating, who weren’t necessarily getting along before. People moved into houses that they didn’t own before. Everything changed. Now we’re into that moment. We’re past the surprise of it and now we’re into the realities of it. I think that makes for a very different place in the story because we can get not only grounded about it, but we can drill into how people respond to that. Some of it’s good and some of it’s not so good.”

The timeline of the series is quite interesting as it can tie in with both WandaVision and Spider-Man: Far From Home. We could get a few answers for what happened after WandaVision through the Sam and Bucky series. And, it could also connect with certain elements of the Spider-Man sequel(s) since they take place after it.

Let’s wait and see how the timeline of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier matters in MCU’s elaborate narrative. The first episode hits Disney+ on March 19. Till then, follow us for more entertainment coverage on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Letterboxd.




Written by Peyton Manning

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