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Here’s Why Space Jam: A New Legacy Is Bashed By Critics

WarnerBros. is the end of their witts, and the same was seen in Space Jam 2. The long-awaited sequel to Michael Jordan’s 1996 hybrid animated/live-action sports comedy just didn’t live up to the expectations. And this isn’t me claiming out of thin air. The critics are not happy with the movie, and the reason is pretty clear. Most of the first reviews are claiming Space Jam: A New Legacy to be a 2-hr long promotion for WarnerBros.’s catalog and nothing more. Moreover, the critics are claiming that WB wants you to see how many IPs they actually own. Let’s dive further into this.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Critic Reviews

Space Jam: A New Legacy
Space Jam: A New Legacy

If we look at the reviews, then it’s clear that they’re quick to point out the lack of overall flair and humor in the movie. But the most criticized aspect of the movie remains the 2 hours long, $150 million unabashed advertisements for Warner Bros and HBO Max’s properties. WB’s projects such as Harry PotterDCMad MaxAustin PowersCasablanca (Turner Classic Movies), Rick & Morty (Adult Swim), and Game of Thrones are all featured. Check out some of the reviews:

New York Post:

While LeBron recruits his scrappy team, Warner Bros. makes us watch along with HBO Max ad. Mad Max, Austin Powers, Rick and Morty, Batman, Harry Potter, Casablanca, and more flash across the screen in a montage, as if to brag about the studio’s extensive catalog. It’s one of director Malcolm D. Lee’s many strategies to avoid developing characters or having funny scenes.

The Independent:

“Space Jam: A New Legacy gives us one good franchise mash-up before it all becomes nauseating. To say that it’s a CGI-fuelled eyesore, or that watching it feels like being beaten into submission by the fists of capitalism, is a given.”

Problems With Space Jam 2

Space Jam 2 Reviews
Space Jam 2 Reviews

The more-than-direct promotion by WB stays at the top of the list. Currently, the sequel holds a rotten 32 percent critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 3.7/10 rating on IMDb. So as of now, it’s too far from being Certified Fresh. Another issue that the critics have pointed is its runtime. The long two-hour runtime compared to Space Jam’s 87 minutes is definitely a problem in their eyes.

WB’s promotional strategy did not work out for the movie whatsoever. As Lebron James team up with the Looney Tunes to fight against Al-G Rhythm (Don Cheadle), the overall integrity of the movie is dropped and it doesn’t seem like an entity itself. But of course, some people will love watching the movie no matter what.

Source: ScreenRant

Written by Deepak Vasisht