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Here’s Why Thor Died By Hawkeye’s Arrow In What if

Marvel’s What If…? has kicked off to a tremendous start. With only three episodes in, it has left us with a lot to wonder about. In the latest episode, we explore the time when Nick Fury is gathering superheroes for the Avengers initiative. Things quickly take a turn for the worst when every possible Avenger dies one after the other. It all started with Iron Man dying, and Fury taking the viewers on a crazy week that he has had. However, one event particularly stands out, and i.e., when Hawkeye kills Thor with one of his arrows. The question is – Can Hawkeye’s arrow really kill Thor? If yes, then why? Let’s find out.

Hawkeye Kills Thor With His Arrow

What If...? Episode 3
What If…? Episode 3

The third episode of What If finds Nick Fury in one of his toughest weekends. As he sees his possible Avengers plummet to their deaths, one man who shouldn’t have been killed so easily is Thor. The God of Thunder reaches the SHIELD base in search of his hammer, Mjolnir. Throughout this montage, we see that none of the people are aware of Thor and of course, are totally mesmerized by his hair.

Why Did Thor Die So Easily?

efore he is about to lift it, Hawkeye supposedly fires his arrows without Fury’s instruction. It is quickly acknowledged that Thor has indeed been killed.  Hawkeye is someone who never slips, and let alone never misses. It is later discovered that it was in fact, Hank Pym who was killing everyone in order to take revenger for Hope van Dyne’s death. But the God of Thunder, an Asgardian warrior, dying from an arrow is doubtful.

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in What if Episode 3
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye in What if Episode 3

The only possible explaination to his simple death is the fact that he is no longer a God. Even though he had the power to take down SHIELD agents impressively, he was no longer himself. This made him prone to simple human attacks such as Hawkeye’s arrows. Let’s not get it confused with the fact that he is weak. He is pretty much strong, but is not on the same status anymore. He is strong, but not a superhuman anymore.

Hawkeye kills Thor in What if Episode 3
Hawkeye kills Thor in What if Episode 3

If Thor would have been at any other point in his life, then Hawkeye’s arrows would have simpy bounced off his chest. Remember, at this time, Odin has banished the God of Thunder to Earth and stripped him off his abilities. Apart from this, Thor is indeed a superhuman but this special case has only happened once. So considering What If‘s third episode timing, it fits pretty well. Hawkeye too was later killed by Hank Pym. He went on to kill Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and even Hulk. But in any other scenario, Thor would have been unscathed and it would have been a laughable incident.

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Written by Deepak Vasisht