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“He’s 240 lbs. I’m nowhere near that”: Before Retiring From Captain America, Chris Evans Claimed There’s a Lot of Pressure From Marvel to Keep Up


Captain America has always been featured as a broad, tall man with a buffed-up body. Chris Evans, the man famously known for portraying the said role, mentioned how intense his workout was. Comparing himself to the comic books, he revealed that he used to “pump up” before any scene that involved him showing off his muscles.

The Knives Out actor further stated that there was pressure from Marvel Studios on him to maintain and work on that body every day since they wanted to capture the essence of Captain America.

Chris Evans while shooting Captain America: Civil War.
Chris Evans while shooting Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans Felt Intimidated By Captain America From The Comics

While talking about comic-book accuracy, there have indeed been some issues while adapting the comics onto the big screens. Talking about the comic-book Captain America, the super soldier was 6’4″ tall with a body of 240 lbs filled with muscular parts. Chris Evans was intimidated by looking at those pictures and felt that it was indeed a challenge to portray the character of Steve Rogers.

Chris Evans had intense workouts while portraying Captain America
Chris Evans had intense workouts while portraying Captain America

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In an interview after his retirement, Chris Evans revealed that it was immense pressure from Marvel Studios along with the work that he had to do. Comparing himself to the comic book accurate Steve Rogers, Evans stated that he felt overwhelmed by Captain America’s muscular body.

“It’s tough reading those comic books because in the comic books, he’s like 6’4″ 240 [lbs]” the actor started saying. “I’m nowhere near that. So, you know, you want to make sure that you do your best to at least get close.”

The Gray Man actor continued about how he would often pump those muscles whenever he had a chance off-set.

“They brought some weights on the set for me. So every time we had a break in filming, I would run off and just start lifting weights.”

The actor also mentioned the infamous helicopter scene shown in Captain America: Civil War, wherein Captain America singlehandedly held the helicopter from flying away.

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Chris Evans On How To Get Captain America’s Body

Chris Evans in Knives Out (2019).
Chris Evans in Knives Out (2019)

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During the above-mentioned video, the host asks Evans what are his tips for getting into superhero shape. The Knives Out actor had a hilarious yet factually correct message for the people as he replied,

“Get a trainer from Marvel and have them kick your a**”

He further revealed that there was indeed a lot of pressure from Marvel Studios for maintaining the Captain America body, but he was happy to oblige. Chris Evans portrayed the role of Captain America until the 2019 Avengers: Endgame, following which Steve Rogers retired and passed on his shield to Sam Wilson aka Falcon.

It is currently not known whether Marvel plans to bring in Chris Evan’s Captain America back, but it would surely be a good surprise for the audience if it occurs.

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