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“He’s a huge priority, if not the biggest”: James Gunn Debunks Man of Steel 2 Cancelation, Reveals Henry Cavill is DCU’s Crown Jewel Going Forward

“He’s a huge priority, if not the biggest”: James Gunn Debunks Man of Steel 2 Cancelation, Reveals Henry Cavill is DCU’s Crown Jewel Going Forward

Superman fans were excited about Henry Cavill’s return with the 2022 film Black Adam. However, fans were again in doubt as rumors broke out that James Gunn is planning to reboot the DCU. But the co-CEO of DC Studios has debunked the rumors saying that not everything that is being said is true. And recently while debunking some rumors on the internet, Gunn talked about the importance of the Kryptonian superhero in the DCU.

James Gunn
James Gunn

Although the American filmmaker earlier said that his decisions might not make everyone happy, the recent tweet might be what fans have been hoping for. On the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie, Gunn dove into a little bit into the priority that the Man of Steel has in DCU’s future.

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James Gunn Calls Superman A Huge Priority

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the DC Studios’ new CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran are planning to reboot the ongoing DCU and start fresh. The report also revealed that the Man of Steel star Henry Cavill, who recently returned as Superman in Black Adam, might not continue to play the character in future DC projects.

DC Studios' CEO James Gunn
DC Studios’ CEO James Gunn

This was not what fans expected when the Suicide Squad director joined the DC Studios as the co-CEO. However, Gunn took to Twitter to reveal that everything mentioned in the report is not true.

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But he was once again surrounded with questions after he took Twitter to commemorate the 44th anniversary of Richard Donner’s Superman: The Movie.Superman premiered 44 years ago,” he said with sharing a poster of the 1978 film.

Henry Cavill as Superman
Henry Cavill as Superman

After this, one fan asked the Peacemaker director if they would get to see “the greatest comic book character on screen.” He replied to the question saying, “Yes of course. Superman is a huge priority, if not the biggest priority.”

Fans were relaxed to learn that the studio will continue to work on the Man of Steel. However, there is still no confirmation if Henry Cavill would continue to play the character or not.

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James Gunn Does Not Dislike Henry Cavill

Although James Gunn said that Superman is a huge priority for DC Studios, he did not clarify quite a bit about what might happen with the character moving forward. One of the posts mentioned how the Guardians of the Galaxy director does not like Henry Cavill.

Another user also asked Gunn, “Care to debunk this one?” The Super director simply denied the claim as he said, “Sure: false.”

Henry Cavill and James Gunn
Henry Cavill and James Gunn

Although the conversation doesn’t prove or confirm anything, the studio could still move forward with Cavill’s Superman. James Gunn is well aware of the fact that fans love the Justice League star and have been waiting for his return.

This could be the reason for DC Studios to continue with Cavill. However, claims are made on the basis that the Mission Impossible star did not sign a contract after his appearance in Black Adam. Earlier reports also revealed that the studio has did not hire a director or a writer for the Man of Steel sequel.

Henry Cavill is expected to reprise his role in the 2023 film The Flash. The Flash is scheduled to release on 16 June 2023.

Source: The Wrap

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