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‘He’s a mom bro’: Stranger Things Star Reveals Joe Keery is Real-Life Steve For Protecting Younger Co-Stars From Sexual Comments

Stranger Things on Netflix has taken a unique and fascinating path. A show this complex managed to captivate and hold the audience’s attention for four seasons and many pandemic lockdowns. Season 4 for two years was in the works and became one of the most anticipated seasons. Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Joe Keery, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and others are among the cast members.

Stranger Things Season 4
Stranger Things Season 4

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Stranger Things – Steve Harrington is played by Joe Keery. He is one of the most evolved characters, with an amazing story arc. He began his career as a school bully who targeted Jonathan Byers, played by Charlie Heaton. He found himself in front of Demogorgon in no time and had a change of heart. He took on the role of babysitter for the group that he despised. And now Caleb McLaughlin has revealed that Joe Keery for real is a mom.

Caleb McLaughlin claims Joe Keery is a ‘MOM’ for real

A TikTok shared by @albumly put forth an edited series of clips from the 2017 San Diego Comin-Con panel for ‘Stranger Things,’ which was moderated by actor Patton Oswalt. While introducing Finn Wolfhard (who plays Mike Wheeler), Oswalt said “an actor born with the greatest porn name ever.” Wolfhard at that time was only 14 years old. Following this statement, TikTok captioned Keery’s comments to Wolfhard, which show Keery advising Wolfhard to “ignore it” while giving supportive nods of his head, then turning to stare at Oswalt.

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Fans demand Joe Keery be cast as the next spider man
Joe Keery

The TikTok had been seen 1.7 million times as of Monday afternoon and has been shared by over 40,000 individuals. Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas Sinclair in the Netflix series Stranger Things, responded to this viral TikTok saying “Joe’s really Mom bro,” referring to Keery’s role on the show as Steve Harrington, a fan-favorite “mom” character who often helps take care of the teenagers on the show. McLaughlin added that Keery is “truly an inspiration.”

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Caleb McLaughlin
Caleb McLaughlin

Since the Netflix show blew big in 2016, several of the elder cast members of ‘Stranger Things’ have been open about the immense pressure their younger castmates have been under. Keery was one of the show’s elder performers who was cast as an adolescent. Wolfhard, McLaughlin, and the other youngsters, on the other hand, were all middle or high school students when they became renowned almost overnight.

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The finale of “Stranger Things” season four, Volume 2, premieres July 1 on Netflix.

Written by Varshit Sharma

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